Monday, June 7, 2010

artsy fartsy.

So it may be this summer boredom, but I am feeling super-artsy lately. Is that dumb? Not really. As I sit at my computer, wasting my time, I realize how much time I waste seeing how others express themselves through technology without ever really doing it myself.

When I was in elementary school and middle school, I used to do oil paintings. One is in my parent's bathroom and I went in there the other day and noticed it. How the HECK was I able to do that? I had some instruction, but there is no way they were able to show me how to do all of that. Seeing what I can do then and remembering lately how friends have told me how good I am at designing t-shirts, posters, drawing, etc., I kind of want to get back into it. That being said, no way am I going to break out the canvases, turpentine, and oil paints, but I want to maybe use acrylic paints on canvases to make decorations for my dorm room next year. Eventually, when I have more time (like THAT will ever happen), maybe I can fully take up my old hobby once again.

Another artistic whim I have had recently is a yearning to learn more about photography. I always attempt to take artistic pictures with my measly point-and-shoot, but to no avail I fail most of the time. With my upcoming trips to Hawaii this summer and Peru next January, I think it would be awesome to have a good, quality digital SLR camera. I have gotten advice from multiple friends with such cameras as to what brand and model to get, I've heard Nikons and Canons are the best, and as of now I'm leaning towards a Canon. Obviously, price is a big issue, my cheapest option is probably around $500, sadly. I really think it would be worth it though, and though I need to research for a few more weeks, I am super excited to eventually get one and experiment with it.

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