Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I remember my sports-crazed friends (and even those who aren't sports-crazed) constantly talking about the World Cup months and months before it started a week or so ago. I have honestly never had any interest in watching soccer. Or soccer period. My career consisted of maybe 3 years playing in elementary and middle school PRAYING the ball would never come my way and only holding out for the trophy at the end. No lie.

So, this weekend I went to the lake with my dear best friends Parkes and Natalie. I have made fun of Natalie for the past few weeks about her strange new obsession over the World Cup and was reluctant and whiny when we watched part of the USA vs. England game (Sorry I'm not super patriotic :/ ) but I ended up getting really interested in it. So, gooooooo Natalie!

So now that I'm interested, I watched the Denmark vs. Netherlands game with the little boys I babysit before we left for VBS, then today at the gym I stayed on the elliptical for longer than usual (WHOA there, Ryann) just to watch the end of Paraguay vs. Italy to end in a tie. I have scheduled my whole durn day around these games. So with that... GO USA!

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