Saturday, June 19, 2010

"he liked it, and he put a ring on it."

Today, I attended an absolutely amazing wedding in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. One of my Young Life leaders from high school, Claire Carlton, got married to Patrick Gibson, also a former YL leader. I am so incredibly happy for her. Having known her for years, her YL girls have seen her relationships and I am so happy she has found someone who loves God as much as she does, and will take care of her. The ceremony was small and absolutely beautiful. The couple didn't exactly write their own vows, but the pastor (our YL area director!) read their responses to the question "Why do you think God intended you to marry this man/woman?" and hearing their personal responses was so sweet. All this talk about love got me to thinking a little bit.

I feel like the term "love" is WAY overused in today's society. I "love" a cute dress, or Mellow Mushroom pizza, or something, and actually the use of that word is an exaggeration of my affections for the object (and sometimes even person). I understand that people love their family, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, etc., but I got to thinking, yes, love is a really important and heavy thing, but is SOOOO miniscule in the whole grand scheme of what true love is.

The Bible is the ultimate love story. Period. God knew us before we were done, formed us in our wombs, gave us purpose. He sent his son to teach us, suffer for us, and then die. And he promises that Jesus will come back, one day. God's love is the ultimate form of love. No earthly love can even compare to his affection and devotion towards His children, and this love is unfathomable. I don't know WHY God would want to love someone like me, when He is how He is. But he does anyway.

I was talking with my friend Valerie about how amazing God's love is. It shouldn't even be called love, since it is on a whole other level than this earthly love I mentioned. There is no way we can love a person the way God loves us. It is human nature to point out flaws in others, and notice imperfections. We are wonderful in God's eyes, and though we are not perfect, he overlooks this fact and forgives us every single day if we choose to have Him in our hearts to do so. I cannot fathom it.

That was my little thought blurb. I am obsessed with weddings. I cannot wait until mine, whenever it comes, whoever it is to. Marriage is something that is so sacred, and I can only hope that in and through my love to my husband I can express and understand God's love for me.

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