Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Just keep me where the light is..."

I am a huge concert fan, and have been to some great ones- Rascal Flatts, FF5, and Coldplay just to name a few. But yesterday I got to go see John Mayer in Charlotte and I just want to GOOOO BAAAAAAACK!

(A week or so later)... soooo I started writing this blog the day after and even in my super John Mayer crunk-ness couldn't finish it. But that was legit the best concert eva. Being silly and singing and dancing with some of my favorite girls was a great way to spend the night.

Despite the freakin' monsoon we had to endure, we got to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre early enough to get the closest seats on the lawn to regular seating. We stood the whole time, needless to say.

THEN came time for the encore. Little did we know John was going to make his way out to a small stage on the lawn for an acoustic serenade of "Why Georgia" and "Stop This Train". Like the crazed fans we are, I ran over with Sam and Valerie and got pretty darn close to him. I was literally freaking and took tons of pictures and videos.

It definitely made for a memorable night, and I cannot wait for summer concert 2k11 with my girls. Coldplay last summer, John Mayer this summer... how can we even top that?!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am so excited.

As you may know, I am a member of the Theta Zeta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at Wofford College. I was invited to go to the national convention in New Orleans, but sadly I couldn't go... but I got continual updates and here is the final count on all our awards!!

Founder's Club Award
Quota Total Award
Highly Commendable Academic Achievement Award
Crown Chapter

Woot woot! So that means ZTA at Wofford, our little 90(-ish) person chapter, is the #2 ranked chapter IN THE NATION. Better than USC, Clemson, and other huge schools. SO COOL. This is based on our high academic standards, retention of girls we have recruited, and massive amounts of money given to our philanthropy.

I know that people have their opinions about sororities, and the stereotypes do reign true for some, but not in my experience. I am so proud of my sisters for all their hard work and I can only hope we keep up the good work!