Tuesday, August 31, 2010

slack. but not for long.

First of all, please excuse me for being so slack lately with my blog updates, I know, I know. As I write this I am sitting in the "cube" of my dorm room, which I actually love. It's literally a 7x7 room that has only enough room for my bed, desk, and walking room, but it is just so cozy and I have slept so well these past few nights.

My common room area is pretty empty except for the rug, TV and TV stand I brought, since my roomie Sallie (who is coming on Saturday) is bringing most of the stuff. I'm pretty excited to piece the room together and I think it will turn out really great.

That being said, I am now sitting in my cube trying to occupy my time. I came early because I'm on Orientation Staff at Wofford, which I like so far, but the freshmen don't come until tomorrow so these past few days have been just a lot of meetings and downtime (which I should value since that won't happen again for a looooong time). And despite this fact, I really do hate sitting here and being bored. I almost wish I had schoolwork or reading that I could get ahead on so I can at least make myself useful... maybe.

It's kind of odd being back at Wofford for a few reasons.
1. My room is pretty bare/lonely... not what I'm used to.
2. I don't get to see my best friends and boyfriend every other day like usual over the summer.
3. My best friends don't come until Saturday
4. I was home all this summer so I feel like I'm a freshman all over again, except I would NEVER want to do the whole "new to college" thing again
5. I'm at Wofford, but not going to classes
6. I'm not the youngest here anymore. That part I can't believe. It's crazy to think that there's a class at my high school that has graduated after I have.

I'm going to wait and add pictures later. My cube is basically decorated and organized, but I'd rather do all the pics at the same time. So, until I meet some girls for lunch at Panera in 30 minutes, I'm going through random CDs I found and Googling lyrics that I don't know to figure out what they are and expanding my iTunes collection.


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