Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So a few days ago I came back from a lovely vacation in Maui, Hawaii (GO if you can!) and despite being jam-packed with activities, it was relaxing. But now that I'm home, with just over 2 weeks before move in, I am stressed. Here is my to-do list that I swear is growing and not shrinking...
(In no particular order)

-Get my car detailed
-Fill out the warranty form for my camera
-Buy shower curtain
-Make some crafty decorations for my ZTA little
-Buy "apartment warming" gifts for my boyfriend and friends moving in this week
-Choose, print, and arrange photos for the dorm
-Drop off portrait photoshoot pictures to the girl I made them for
-Pick out fabric for our curtains
-buy pillows for the futon
-organize clothes

Most of this can be accomplished in a few trips to Target, but still this list is legit overwhelming. I can't be alone though, so far I've had quite a few "likes" on my status expressing my frustration, haha.

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