Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I write this, one of my best friends is no longer a teenager. It's crazy how time flies. I apologize for being so slack, but because of this momentous occasion, I HAD to update my blog in honor of Natalie's 20th!

Anyone who knows me well knows that my absolute best friends are Natalie Sholtis and Parkes Burnette. Obviously, the things I talk about will apply to both amazing girls, but for today, it's all about Natalie! (You'll have your turn in March, I promise Parkes!)

We've been friends since freshman year, but it was junior year when we reached BFF status. I don't know how it happened, but I am so happy I call these two girls my best friends. We've made it through tough times where we have doubted ourselves and each other, but good things last and we're in our sophomore year, each at different colleges, and just as close as ever. I sadly cannot come to Natalie's birthday celebration this weekend, so I wanted to let EVERYONE know how great she is via the internet :)

Natalie. What can I even say? No words can describe our relationship. You are not only my best friend, but one of the sisters I never had. You are my confidant, advice-giver, fellow boy-basher, someone I can be silly with, someone I can cry to, my breath of fresh air, and you will be my maid of honor (one of them at least... :) )... Long story short, you are AMAZING. You are beautiful inside and out, and we have both grown so much these past few years, especially our first year at college. I admire you for so many reasons. Your faith is so strong, and despite the fact you have gone through some things this past year I would never wish for anyone to experience, your head is always held high and you are level-headed but at the same time sympathetic. I am so proud of you, and you know why. You are an amazing big sister and a daughter to your family. You are an awesome friend to anyone that needs you, and I bet you could make friends with a brick wall. Just sayin'. I am so lucky to have you around only a text or a Skype call away. Who else can I eat Spill the Beans with and talk in silly accents with and have them not judge me? (Other than Parkes... haha.) You deserve to have the best birthday ever, and I hope this contributes to it. If you don't get the picture yet, I love you SO, SO much! You deserve only the best :)

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