Tuesday, April 26, 2011

grace like rain!

One of my favorite worship songs goes a little like this:

Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down upon me!
Hallelujah- all my stains are washed away!

What a perfect song to celebrate the Easter season! How unworthy are we, that Christ paid the price for sinners like us to live everyday with the promise of his love and forgiveness?! It's so amazing. 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and it really took just this year for me to realize it. Easter is a celebration of such a wonderful day... imagine being Mary, who just saw one of her best friends crucified in front of her very eyes, saw all his suffering, and then visits his resting place to find his body is gone... WHAT?! But, then, as if that wasn't crazy enough, word on the street is Jesus is alive?! I cannot even fathom the joy in her heart, and this year I made it a point to really imagine Christ as not just my savior, rising from the dead, but as my best friend... it was such a cool way to think about it. 

Then there's the superficial parts of Easter I love so much- dressing up and seeing everyone in their Sunday best, taking pictures in front of the cross at church, wonderful meals and quality time with family, and of course, the obligatory basket from the "Easter bunny" with treats I don't need within a mile radius as a struggle through the last weeks of class. Here's a few pictures from my Easter!

It's tradition to take a pic with Catie on Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter from the Kroske family!

You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out!

  Happy Easter to all! More updates soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorry that Darius Rucker loves us. But not really.


I'm finally going to be better about my blog. Not only do I want to post about random things, I want to document my weeks and weekends as I come to the halfway point of my college career.... ???!!!???!!!!

So anyway, this past weekend Darius Rucker came to Converse, and after much labor, my roomate and my suitemates and I all got to go! Tickets had been on sale since January, but it was not until about three weeks ago that Lauren, Lea Elizabeth, Sallie, and I thought to go get some. By that time... SOLD OUT. We were devastated. For two weeks we just faced the fact we weren't going to go, but after some mad Craigslist stalking and compromising to pay the $40 face value (rather than the $20 student price we could have gotten...) we finally got tickets!

Now, I'm a Hootie fan and love Darius' "Alright" and "This", but it wasn't until the last month that I really started listening to Darius a lot. Needless to say, in preparation for the concert, I had Darius on repeat, and I'll be real honest, I still do. The concert was THAT GREAT. The gates opened at 7pm at Converse, so our group sat in line for about an hour... it was so windy and we were dressed for fashion, and not function, but it was so worth it because we managed to make it front row! We had a run in with a group who kept trying to squeeze in front of us, but once Darius come on, we were right up against the gate in front of the stage and made definite eye contact!

Our group right in front of the stage!

Darius' voice is amazing, and he is a great performer and such a genuine person! He really works the crowd and I could tell he loves what he does. Us girls had a great time singing and dancing and jumping around, and if I'm not mistaken, Darius noticed. It was hilarious because as an intro to a song, Darius asked the crowd if there was going to be anyone who called someone they shouldn't tonight, and jokingly (but not really) we all pointed to Lauren... and Darius called her out and basically talked to her from stage. We flipped. THEN at the encore he started throwing out guitar pics, and our group was so disappointed we didn't get any. Once he took off the baseball cap he was wearing, we knew what was about to happen.

Darius Rucker signed the cap he was wearing  on his head, and threw it to my group of friends, and we caught it! Of course we took turns taking pictures and trying it on, and now it is in a place of honor in Lauren and Lea's room. That was one of the best concerts and by Sunday I was still in complete denial that I had to get back to reality. Here's some great pictures we got!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I lied.

I thought I was going to give up this blog for Tumblr, but that is false. I love Tumblr, but it's format isn't conducive to all the kinds of blogging I want to do, and I don't feel like I can constantly update my followers about my life- it's more for me just to "reblog" cute sayings and pictures and post little funny things. That being said, I still have the Tumblr (listed in the post below), but I am revisiting this blog with a few format changes. Enjoy!