Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All dogs go to Heaven.

Today I had to say goodbye to Scout, our sweet border collie mix of 15 years. He's been diabetic for about 3 years, and has recently become blind from cataracts, deaf, and has developed arthritis. Needless to say, he has had a long life and has enjoyed it, but it was time to go.
I regret him not being an inside dog. I regret not spending more time with him, especially after I went off to college. But it's okay, he was so happy and was treated like a prince. I'm glad my parents told me it needed to be done so I could have some time with him. This morning my dad and I went down to his pen for some quality time and I brought my camera for a little photoshoot. He was such a beautiful dog, even with his milky cataracts, and was so, so sweet.

My dad left and I had some alone time with Scout. I'm not the kind to talk to dogs, but I enjoyed my time with Scout just talking and petting him. I know he couldn't hear me, but I truly believe he understood me. I'm okay now, but I can't guarantee after a little realization that he is gone that I won't have a wave of sadness/grief.

I just have to remind myself he will be able to run around with Babe and Sandy (two other sweet dogs we've had that have passed on), and he will be able to see, hear, and not have any insulin shots in heaven!!!

Here are some sweet pics of my sweet Scouty boy:

I will definitely miss that sweet face. 
I love and miss you already Scout! Just trying to remember that all dogs go to Heaven :)


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