Sunday, May 29, 2011

endings & beginnings

Once again, please excuse my absence for a while! These past few weeks have been so crazy, between the end of school and start of summer, my weeks have been ridiculous.

I have been out of school for a whole week, and I still have yet to unpack my room... I'm basically freaking out because I am such a neat freak! The school year ended on a great note, I had my hardest semester at Wofford but I ended up with the highest GPA I've had... at 4.0! I had to say goodbye to some of my senior friends at Wofford, which was so hard for me. I know that they will be back to visit often and I will keep in touch until then, but it is so sad to think about how different school will be without them next year! Charlotte and Virginia- if you're reading this, I love you both so much and do not know what I will do without you next year! You two mean the world to me and I look up to you so much! I wish you both the best of luck and I know you will do amazing things!
So proud of you Charlotte!!
As for beginnings... I have started my summer internship at the Greenville Drive! I'm working normal office hours (9-5pm) ANNNNND I have to attend all the homestands... so basically a few days in a row every other week I work 13-hour days with the other interns! 

Downside: long hours, no pay. Yes. that's right, I'm slave labor for the summer. A lot of the other interns are PRTM or marketing majors, so they get school credit, but not me! Upside: I am learning lots of new things and meeting great people! I've learned how to work Photoshop and have had the opportunity to write scripts for videos, create graphics for the big screen, and made up promotional games. Also, I've gotten to be great friends with one particular girl intern working with me and have had fun with the other 20 or so interns! I may be tired of baseball by the end of the summer, but I will have had some great experience!

Looking legit in our polos at Fluor Field!

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