Monday, May 2, 2011

obligatory stressed blogpost.

I am aware that my blog is untitled "Unspeakable Joy", which I am, to be honest, NOT feeling at the moment. We lucky students at Wofford College get to enjoy two more weeks of classes PLUS a week of exams, so all this complaining/list making/venting you are about to read (if you even continue to read after this whiny introduction) is not even taking into consideration exams that are inevitably going to sneak up on me.

"To Do" for the next two weeks BEFORE exams:
  • Read 100 pages of Northanger Abbey tonight

  • Write a 4-6 page rough draft of a literary analysis

  • Revise my 10 page research paper that's due Thursday (Thank GOODNESS I buckled down and got this done!)

  • Finish Persuasion by Wednesday

  • Finish Northanger Abbey by Thursday

  • Create a mini-powerpoint on my rhetoric case study that will be due the last week of classes

  • Study for my final (Thank goodness!) western civ quiz that will be Monday

  • Complete part II of my comprehensive problem for accounting

  • Create my rhetoric case study paper

  • Turn in final draft of my literary analysis

  • Do journal entries for extra credit for Brit Lit class.

  • AHHHH. It's a lot, but strangely enough, writing it all out helps me organzie everything in my mind as I remember that I eventually will be able to cross out things on my list once they are completed!

    I think I can, I think I can!

    Needless to say, I have little time for social media (Oops, I guess this is cheating...) but I will recap my fun weekends once this workload has considerable lessened!

    Prayers are much appreciated, thanks for letting me complain! :)


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