Saturday, June 25, 2011

just another Paula Deen, ya'll.

Anyone who knows myself or my family well, knows that we don't really cook or bake. Our idea of baking is break apart Tollhouse cookies (that are quite good, but not totally legit), and cooking is throwing frozen veggies on the stove, among other simple foods.

Despite the lack of domesticity running in my veins, I got the random urge to bake. I had this week off from work (thank GOODNESS!) and I have been busy, between cleaning my room, redo-ing it (a post to come later!) and crossing off various other tasks on the to-do list, but I came to a point where I was still slightly bored.

So, I checked out my Google machine and found a simple recipe for red velvet cupcakes (from scratch!) by Paula Deen and tried it! I ended up making 24, with lots of homemade cream cheese icing left over, so I've been pawning them off on everyone- boyfriend, best friends, grandparents, future roomie who came to visit- I think that will be the key if I begin to make more, just give away most of my creations so I don't demolish them on my own!

The cupcakes turned out great and I hope to have time to continue my baking experiments for the remainder of the summer! It's something fun and new and I'm already loving it! This could be the start of something beautiful- haha!

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