Friday, June 3, 2011

a wonderful wedding weekend!

I'm not one to go for the mushy/cheesy/sentimental most of the time, but in this blog, I'm going all out. Just a heads up. This past weekend was truly one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. My best friend Cameron McCraw (now Cameron Lenz!!!... aka Camera Lens, haha) was married this weekend! I had the wonderful opportunity to spend this special weekend with Cameron and her family as one of her bridesmaids... my first wedding I have ever been in! Considering I am only recently 20 years old, it may seem strange that I was in a wedding, but Cameron in fact graduated from Wofford last year, and amazingly enough, we quickly became best friends in our one year at Wofford together!

Cameron's family jokes that I am her protoge, which is true. We have the same taste in fashion, and both of us were/are English majors and business minors. We like doing the same things and just get along so well, it's hard to remember we have three years in age between us! Anyway, she and her now-husband Tommy dated for three-ish years and were engaged for a little over a year before they were married this weekend, and I love them both dearly!!! I am so happy I was able to be a part of their special celebration.
This picture was taken this past summer when Virgina (right) and I went with Cam to check out the Cliffs Chapel... it seems so long ago!!
The weekend started off with a bridesmaids luncheon in downtown Greenville with some delicous salads and delightful conversation at the Poinsett Club, and then I followed Cameron, her mom, and her maid of honor, Brooke, up to the Cliffs property where the wedding was to be held after running some last minute errands.

All the bridesmaids minus Virginia at the luncheon!
All the bridesmaids, along with Cameron and her mom and dad, stayed in one house, while Tommy and his groomsmen were in another one about 15 minutes away. The girls' house was beautiful and such a relaxing getaway. The weekend was truly like a vacation!

Friday evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and while we were all line up in the chapel, listening to Cam and Tommy practice their vows, I definitely got teary eyed. It seems like so long ago I was sitting in Cam's apartment in the Village when she asked me to be in the wedding, and now the day was finally here!! After practice, The Lenz family hosted a beautiful dinner to honor the newlyweds with great food and even better company. I met so many wonderful people and was able to spend some quality time with my friends I already had!

Then came WEDDING DAY! The bridesmaids got up and had a casual brunch toasting Cameron and Tommy with mimosas (and sparkling cider for me!) and just relaxed as we waited to get our makeup done (awesome!) and to do our hair and get dressed. The day was so relaxing and was a fun time to catch up with the girls, take pictures, and get pampered. Once we were all dressed, we helped Cameron get into her dress and take a few photographs. She was literally one of the most beautiful brides I have EVER seen. Positively radiant. I know how excited she was and her smile truly showed it! The bridesmaids carpooled to the chapel, and because it is so small, we had to wait in the cars until the very last minute to walk into the chapel so we could avoid seeing guests.

Most Beautiful Bride award goes to...
Each of the bridesmaids took their solitary walk (or gallop, in my case) down the aisle to the music and settled, bouquet in hand, at the front of the church. When the music started playing and the doors opened, I got giddy. Cameron was finally getting married! She looked amazing, Tommy looked so sweet gazing at her, and Cameron's dad's smile and watering eyes just made me so happy. We all love Cameron so much and it was evident how happy we were for her next stage of life, even if that means more time away from us! The two exchanged vows and kisses, and were announced as a couple! Cameron's brother, Daiten, was my escort down the aisle, and being the friends we are, we exchanged threats of tripping each other as we walked down the aisle to the outside of the chapel to take some group pictures.

The reception was just as wonderful. Good food, friends, family, and dancing made for a wonderful evening. I was dateless since Andrew was out of town visiting family, but I was still able to get some dancing in with some groomsmen, Daiten, and some of my friend's dates! I had so much fun being silly and dancing with the girls, also, especially Sydney, one of Tommy's nieces and a junior bridesmaid!
Singing "My Girl" to Cameron in a bridesmaids circle!
What a sweet picture and a sweet family!
Being silly with Sydney!
Kroske and Deav... you can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out!
The new Mr. and Mrs. Lenz ended the evening as they ran through sparklers to their swanky getaway car in cute and casual clothes to spend one night in Greenville before jetting off to Antigua for their honeymoon! I know they are having a wonderful time and cannot wait to catch up with Cam once she gets home!
So glad Anna Frances was there! Happy Honeymoon Cameron and Tommy!
Cameron and Tommy already have their own place in Columbia, and I am so looking forward to visiting! I am so happy for them, and I know the best is yet to come. They are two of the kindest people I know and are perfect for each other. God has already blessed their relationship and will do so many wonderful things with their marriage. Congratulations Cam and Tommy!


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