Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zeta Tau Awesome.

I spent a wonderful week in Indianapolis with lots of other ZTA sisters from around the nation, and after all my time in "Zetaland", I am happy to be back home but still have so much to share! We listened to many speakers, all wonderful women on ZTA National Council who preached on how to "Create the Change" in our chapter... which sounds cheesy, but they were truly inspiring.

Displaying our letters proudly!
I am currently the Historian-Reporter in ZTA (basically the PR girl) in charge of the website, Twitter, and whatnot, but I am aspiring for a higher position on our Executive Council next time, and this conference gave me some valuable insight into what that may entail as I listened to speakers and heard of other sisters' experiences with their individual chapter. I had time to share with girls all over the country in our "C.I.A" groups as we discussed leadership, struggles, values, and how we translate what we learned to our chapters back home. I met some wonderful young women who I hope I will keep in contact with!

My "CIA" group!

I am so proud of my Theta Zeta sisters at Wofford, because currently we are ranked #2 chapter in the nation, only behind UNC Chapel Hill ZTA. This conference gave me the inspiration to work hard to stay on the right track and to claim our spot at #1, if we so earn it. I only wish every girl in my chapter had been there to talk about all the positive things we can do. As in any chapter, we all have problems with participation, agreement, risk management, etc., but to be honest, it was nice knowing that we are not the only ones with issues in our chapters. I hope that our chapter will react positively to all our plans this coming year and be excited as we are!

I'm sure everyone who follows me on Twitter and Facebook got sick of me blowing up their feeds with my "Zeta-ness" and inspirational words, but I don't care that much! I had a wonderful time and learned a lot, while spending time with new and old friends! Olivia and I have known each other since high school, and we were able to travel together and spend lots of time together. She has always been there for me, and though we have had a good bit of time apart, we picked up just like normal. I still can't believe we ended up in the same sorority, it's such a small world.

It's tradition! :)
The last day included a tour of ZTA's International Office, and it was so cool to see the history of our Fraternity and where all the daily work goes on. That evening chapters who received the prestigious Crown Chapter Award were honored, and Theta Zeta was one of them, of course!

ZTA Headquarters is gorgeous!

New friends meet ZTA's founders!
With our great Province President, Kimberly, before the awards ceremony!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

trading spaces, or changing spaces?

I'm not sure how old I was, but I remember being obsessed with TLC's TV show "Trading Spaces"... yeah, that one with Ty Pennington??? Yummy. I always loved watching the room transformations, and that love has translated into my most recent obsession with HGTV. I used to hate it when my mom would watch that channel all the time, but when I have time to watch TV (which isn't often), I often find myself drooling over House Hunters, Income Property, or and Property Brothers. I decided I wanted to re-vamp my room a little bit after being inspired for a little bit a change from these shows.

I can't remember when I first re-did my room, and don't get me wrong, I did like it, but I had just had enough. It was hot pink with lots of black and white and zebra and Audrey Hepburn artwork. Basically, I like everything except the hot pink but wanted a little change. Here's a crappy iPhone pic before we started painting:

Soooo, my dad and I set to work, as I did the trim, he did the rolling of my room. We cleaned, painted, and touched up my room and bathroom. I lost the black and white bedding and went with all white, adding a few fun accent pillows from Pier 1 Imports. I bought a few more picture frames to decorate the walls but tried to de-clutter my shelves and walls... here's the finished product! Once again, sorry for the poor iPhone quality.

Pretty turquoise blue, with clean white bedding and curtains and colorful accents!

I love these wooden/woven baskets! Despite the fact my bookcase looks cluttered, I seriously did do a bit of organizing!

My favorite part... what a cute/funky floor lamp, and pretty cheap from Target!!

I'm super-pleased with how it all turned out, having something fresh and new to wake up to is nice, and it was a good excuse to do some cleaning and organizing! HGTV here I come?!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wise words from Unka Glen

I also have a tumblr blog, which isn't really a word-y blog, just a place where I can look at pretty pictures, find new quotes, etc. I follow this really cool blog of this guy who answers questions about Christianity and and faith and he blogged this today. I immediately re-blogged it and wanted to share it with everyone. This is exactly what I needed to read today. In fact, everyday.  


 "If you had any idea how much God desires you… your heart would explode. You can’t possibly imagine how vast God’s love is, or how relentless it is. Nothing can alter it. Nothing can stand against it. God’s love for you is simply beyond your imagination. Your sad little sins cannot even touch it. He has prepared a place for you in His house, and He calls you by name. He aches for you, and desires to abide with you, beyond all longing you have ever felt, or will ever feel."

-Unka Glen (unkaglen.tumblr.com)