Friday, August 26, 2011

British Invasion, Kroske style!

Only days ago I returned from a fabulous Eurotrip with dear dad and mom! There's no way I can blog about everything I did and saw, but I will do my best to give a Sparknotes version complete with pictures! We went on a bus tour through Scotland and England, and I had my doubts before we left, but it was a great experience! I'm not sure if we just lucked out, but we had a great tour director (with a British accent... YESSS) and some wonderful people who were touring with us. Crazy enough, there were three other people from SC, along with a couple from Georgia (whose daughter went to Wofford, as did the wife's father!). Amidst these close connections, we also met people from Minnesota, Texas, Australia, India, South Africa, and Japan on our trip who traveled the European landscape with us!

A few of my favorite people will be described below. First there was Tammy, a super sweet, super sassy, and super great-dresser from Texas! Funny enough, she was a Silpada lover so of COURSE she and my mother got along swimmingly and Suz is her new Silpada rep! Our family loved spending time with Vic and Jenni, a couple from Melbourne, Australia. First of all, I loved their accents. And they were SO friendly. Vic was hilarious and I'm pretty sure he could make friends with a tree. They have two kids around my age that they left back at home so they always had funny stories and it's just funny for me to think about what their kids would think if they heard me talking about how cool they were.

The Kroskes with our favorite Aussie friends on a lake cruise!
Silpada girls in Bath, England!
Like I said, I can't talk about everything I did, because we packed SO much in about 11 days! I will say that this trip really appealed to the Enlish major nerd in me. I got to see Shakespeare's home, Tintern Abbey (as in Wordsworth's "Lines Above Tintern Abbey"), William Wordsworth's home, and a few sites of author's former homes!

Our tour included the cities and countryside of both England and Scotland, and I fell in love with those countries, especially Scotland. They are so proud of their culture, and I think that is so great. Between bagpipe music and clan tartans all over the place, these people are truly proud of where they came from, which is not hard to believe with such friendly people and beautiful landscapes everywhere you go. I loved the Highlands of Scotland, the Lake District of England, the Links of St. Andrews, the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, and the bustling city of London. The only way to try to explain our adventures is through pictures!

The Kroskes love Scotland! We had a border collie, we have a Westie, and we're Presbyterian. All we need is an accent!

The beautiful city of Edinburgh from the stunning Edinburgh Castle!

The amazing Edinburgh Military Tattoo... bagpipes, drums, and uniforms galore!

Kroske golfers at the birthplace of golf... St. Andrews links!

My favorite part... a visit to a farm in the Highlands of Scotland!

Stonehenge ROCKS.

Rock on, Dougie! The original Hard Rock in London!
The carriage Will and Kate left their wedding in! I also got to see her dress.. BEAUTIFUL!
Expect more blogging as I get back into the groove at Wofford! I move in Sunday, which means I have about two days to pack up my whole life to start my junior year! Ahhh!

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