Monday, October 31, 2011

Homecoming & Halloweekend!

In college, Halloween does not last one day. Oh no.

At Wofford, Halloween started on Thursday evening, when a few of the fraternity houses had their costume parties. Let me just say this- rarely do I "go out", and it's even MORE rare that I go out on a weekday! But... I made a special exception for Halloween.

I wanted to be silly and not trashy (like many scantily clad girls I saw), so I decided to go as a frat boy. At first I was planning on going all out, and wearing my hair tucked up in a cap and drawing scruff on my face, but then I decided to tone it down. Check out what I ended up with:
Some nice boys helped me out a bit with my costume!

Frattin' hard with Eva and my roomie, Julie!
It was a hit!!! Complete with Polo cap, bowtie, RayBans with croakies, a madras belt, Polo oxford, navy shorts and Sperry docksiders, I celebrated Halloween in style. I had so much fun and I'll have to admit I was pretty comfy. Usually girls wear dresses and wedges and boots to the fraternity row, but man was I warm and casual!

The festivities continued throughout the weekend as more Halloween parties intermingled with Wofford's Homecoming! I babysat Saturday night but was able to go catch up with some friends who graduated last year that I hadn't seen yet! I was most excited to see my friend Charlotte (and awesome blogger... check her out here!) and catch up with her before she moves to ILLINOIS tomorrow! I didn't have my camera so I stole this picture from her Facebook!

I want to be you when I grow up! :)
Sunday was the usual church and homework deal, so today it's finally Halloween! But do I care? To be honest... not really. I'm kind of tired of Halloween at this point. Maybe if I had time to carve a pumpkin or make some special autumn treats I would be more in the spirit! Hopefully next year will be more spirited!

I cannot believe November starts tomorrow! Thanksgiving will be here as soon as we know it!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloweekend! :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011


So I just realized how much I truly do love blogging and I'm not using this blog to this fullest potential.

I'm going to reallllllly work on posting more regularly, making more connections with more bloggers, etc. etc. I think it would be really rewarding and am super excited about all the awesome people I can meet! In fact, I am in a seminar for school and today we are talking about social media's affect on society, and I'm really looking forward to talking about blogs, social networks and other things like that!

So, that being said, be patient and work with me. I'm going to work on making some pages at the top of my blog- as you can see I'm working on an "About Me", and I also really want to showcase some of my photography!

Thanks for your support, fellow bloggers and readers!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall break? Question Mark?

It's currently 1:27pm. I am sitting at home in my PJs. Still.

Don't judge me.

It's the Saturday of Wofford fall break, which I think shouldn't be given that much credit. We get Friday off, but I only have class until 11:30 on Fridays... whoop-dee-doo?!

The one thing I do love about fall break? The "fall" part! Here's what's making me "fall" for "autumn" this season!

Starbucks coffee- specifically, White Chocolate Mochas!
A poor college girl's downfall.

Brightly colored pashminas
I need to display mine like this. I have a bazillion. It's an addiction.

Patagonia pullovers and boots 
LOVE riding boots.
I would wear this everyday if it was socially acceptable.

Trips to the mountains
Take me here now please.

 Just a few more: Bonfires, fleece vests, flannel, crisp air, spending time with friends outside, blankets, sweaters, fuzzy socks, warm colors, layering... the list goes on. Guess what my favorite season is??

What do you love this autumn?!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In case you don't know, I have two very best friends, we call ourselves the “Trio”. Parkes goes to USC and Natalie goes to Clemson, but we have been best friends since sophomore year of high school and literally nothing has changed since then! We are inseperable and I know these girls will always be there for me… my best friends, my bridesmaids, my confidantes… everything!

This past weekend was Natalie’s 21st birthday, so Parkes and I made sure we celebrated it right! Natalie’s roommate Sasha was planning a surprise party starting at midnight, so it was our job to keep her occupied until then. Parkes and I met in Greenville for lunch and formulated our method of keeping Natalie busy… a scavenger hunt! We ran all over campus that afternoon putting envelopes with clues in various places that would lead her to the ultimate destination where we would give her her birthday present!

The Trio had dinner at Mellow Mushroom in Clemson (a group favorite!), then we began the hunt, much to Natalie’s surprise! The first stop was at the store where a close friend, Daiten, (whom Natalie had not seen in awhile) works, and she was so surprised when he gave her her next clue!

That's cute.
We ventured to the amphitheatre, admissions building, a bell monument, reflection pond, and lots of other stops before she finally got to her present! We taped different stops along the way, here’s a funny clip that accurately depicts how silly we are:

Stopping at the reflection pond!

What a beautiful birthday girl!
Our last stop was at Tillman Hall, an icon at Clemson. Andrew brought Natalie’s present, which we were so excited she loved! We got her a Dogeared necklace, a small silver chain with a tiny compass on it. The card it come on said “Explore” and had a sweet little description. Natalie is going abroad to Spain this next semester, so Parkes and I thought it would be perfect! We will miss her so much but I’m so glad we got to spend this special evening with her!

PRESENTS! and a creeper.
Natalie's "Explore" necklace"

We then took Natalie to get some frozen yogurt until it was time to get back to the apartment shortly before midnight. Natalie thought her fun evening was over, but as we ran up to her apartment, excited as her last few minutes of being 20 ticked away, Natalie threw open the door and SURPRISE! All her friends were there! She was so happy and surprised! We had a blast celebrating with her, and Nat had a wonderful (and memorable) birthday!
 We love you Natalie! Hope your birthday was FABULOUS!

Monday, October 10, 2011

back on the Wofford blogging train!

So I'm going to apologize for my lack of blogging since coming back to school!

Junior year has been a whirl wind for me, and I dove in head first, for sure. I've already taken plenty of quizzes and tests, written papers, been through recruitment, so I have been super busy!

Some of you may know that I was a blogger for Wofford during my freshman year, and I was asked to do the same this year! So of course I said YES! Getting paid to write about my life... why not? That being said, I may not blog as much here as I have in the past, but I am definitely going to keep up. I will obvi blog about more personal things here, and plus here I don't have to give a plug on Wofford in everything I say. So more to come later! Just a heads up!

Here's the link to my Wofford blog if you're interested!