Monday, October 31, 2011

Homecoming & Halloweekend!

In college, Halloween does not last one day. Oh no.

At Wofford, Halloween started on Thursday evening, when a few of the fraternity houses had their costume parties. Let me just say this- rarely do I "go out", and it's even MORE rare that I go out on a weekday! But... I made a special exception for Halloween.

I wanted to be silly and not trashy (like many scantily clad girls I saw), so I decided to go as a frat boy. At first I was planning on going all out, and wearing my hair tucked up in a cap and drawing scruff on my face, but then I decided to tone it down. Check out what I ended up with:
Some nice boys helped me out a bit with my costume!

Frattin' hard with Eva and my roomie, Julie!
It was a hit!!! Complete with Polo cap, bowtie, RayBans with croakies, a madras belt, Polo oxford, navy shorts and Sperry docksiders, I celebrated Halloween in style. I had so much fun and I'll have to admit I was pretty comfy. Usually girls wear dresses and wedges and boots to the fraternity row, but man was I warm and casual!

The festivities continued throughout the weekend as more Halloween parties intermingled with Wofford's Homecoming! I babysat Saturday night but was able to go catch up with some friends who graduated last year that I hadn't seen yet! I was most excited to see my friend Charlotte (and awesome blogger... check her out here!) and catch up with her before she moves to ILLINOIS tomorrow! I didn't have my camera so I stole this picture from her Facebook!

I want to be you when I grow up! :)
Sunday was the usual church and homework deal, so today it's finally Halloween! But do I care? To be honest... not really. I'm kind of tired of Halloween at this point. Maybe if I had time to carve a pumpkin or make some special autumn treats I would be more in the spirit! Hopefully next year will be more spirited!

I cannot believe November starts tomorrow! Thanksgiving will be here as soon as we know it!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloweekend! :)


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