Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beauty Peace Month Challenge

Wofford has a program called "Success Initiative" where students are required to create projects that help the community and create awareness each semester, and an especially good one occurs this month! A Wofford student is sponsoring the Beauty Peace Month Challenge- challenging female groups on campus to go at least one day during the month without wearing any make up!

natural beauty!
It's pretty easy, go fresh faced throughout the day, wear a plain white shirt to identify with your group, and snap a photo! The ZTAs participated in this challenge today, and I am so incredibly proud of our turn out! All these girls accepted the challenge, and ZTA is the largest participating group on campus so far with 36+ girls! (Not all pictured!)

What a cool way to emphasize the importance of natural beauty! My friends are just so darn pretty inside and out! (PS- that's me in the turquoise tennies on the front row!)

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?! You should participate.. it's definitely a great feeling and a wonderful change of pace to be fresh-faced!



  1. That sounds so fun! Such a simple way to get a point across :)

    ps- I LOVE your picture with Jake from The Salty Dog Cafe! I'm obsessed with that place, and go there every year!!