Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tunesday- Dave Barnes CHRISTMAS!

Hello friends! Sorry my "Tuesday Tunesday" is so late in the day... I'm in my second to last week before exams and I have countless papers and presentations before I can even THINK about exam week! AHHH! So, that being said, posts may be few and far between until exams are over, just a heads up!

So, now that we're past Thanksgiving, we can officially start listening to Christmas tunes and not feel bad about skipping a holiday! I'm a big fan of singer Dave Barnes, and I love this little contemporary Christmas duet he does!

I'm a big fan of the video, too! Jennifer Love Hewitt is super cute and I love their cute back and forth interactions. The house? Precious. Anyway, I just love Dave Barnes on the guitar, and his voice is so soothing. Listen to his whole Christmas album!

Also, he has a sense of humor. This is hilarious. Thank you Dave Barnes, for being beautiful, talented, funny, and just overall entertaining. The baby cracks me up-- (3:40). Check out all his "Christmas Extravagan za" videos!


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