Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tunesday- Ray LaMontagne

I'm excited to share with you guys my second "Tuesday Tunesday" post! I am currently obsessed with THIS song by Ray LaMontagne- "You are the Best Thing". I have literally been playing it over and over and over. I did yoga on Thursday and the instructor played it and I instantly fell in love. I had never heard of Ray LaMontagne before, but I remembered the lyrics so I could go look up the song as soon as I was done! I'm not sure if it's his slightly raspy voice, the sweet words, or the old fashioned feel to the song... but this is currently my favorite song! It's one of those tones I could totally see myself dancing to at my wedding or something like that.

I'm trying to decide what artist this reminds me of. It's been killing me. But it's got such a classic sound, with the horns and the back up singers... you know what I mean?! Can anyone help me out? 

I have yet to really look up any other of Ray LaMontagne's music, but I'm going to go make a Grooveshark playlist now! What are your thoughts? Any other music I should make sure to listen to this week?!


  1. ohh that's a nice song by Ray LaMontagne you posted! hope you find out what the song reminds you of, that always drive me crazy when I can't remember things like that!

  2. he reminds me of james morrison!!!! i need to send you a video of a girl who i went to high school with's husband on their wedding night... he sang this song with the band to her and a bridesmaid got it all on tape! i'll try to send it to you!!