Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Blogging!

I call this photo: "Miz in the lib".  Don't judge me for using phootbooth in public places.
Greetings bloggy friends, from my cozy nook in the library. Ahhhh... fast-approaching exam week, how I loathe you. I decided to take a quick study break and reward myself for my productivity by grabbing a treat- a yummy cinnamon roll latte- and writing a quick blog!

I have some fun news to share and a few questions for my readers!

I am very excited to have been asked to guest blog for some of my favorite daily reads- Coffee at Nordstrom and In the Life of Emily! Thank you so much for this opportunity, ladies... I am honored to have been asked and so excited to be featured! I will let everyone know when I will be on their blogs! I'm so excited... hopefully it will bring new blog friends!

So, my first question for you all: What should I blog about?! I feel like there's so much pressure when my name is on someone else's blog... I want to represent myself well and blog about something fun and interesting! Any suggestions are welcome!

With all this going on, I got to thinking... hmmm, I am going to be gone during the month of January traveling with school (a post on that when it comes closer to that time!), and I don't want my blog to be lonely or readers to quit stopping by... maybe I should get some guest bloggers! So here comes my second question... would anyone be interested in guest blogging for me while I am gone in January? I would need your posts by the end of December! Shoot me and email or leave a comment!

Have you ever guest-blogged before? Any suggestions or tips? 
Thanks guys, happy Wednesday!


  1. How exciting! Crystal and Emily are also some of my favorite bloggers. Blog about what you love...or something that others can relate to (i think a lot of bloggers are in the middle of finals and almost done with school too!). I would be happy to do a gues tblog for you while you're away if you still need people :)

  2. I am so glad we are now blog friends! Your post you just sent me is fantastic! Blog on what you love ,cute love stories, or things you have learned through blogging! Also, Steph ^...she is an awesome blogger as well! Actually, she was my first blog friend! Can't wait to share your post with everyone! Good luck on finals!

  3. Ryann! what's a guest blogger? i'd certainly be interested i've enjoyed blogging so much so far!

  4. i mean... uh i guess i could guest blog? hehehe

  5. I'd love to guest blog! Yes please!! Thanks for the sweet comment. :) And good luck on your finals, too!!

  6. I would love to guest blog if you still need someone :-) have fun while you are away!