Thursday, December 15, 2011

My week via Instagram- Exam Week!

So, amidst exam madness, I found a new obsession... Instagram. I've had it on my phone for a while but never really used it. That all changed this week. I love taking photographs on my fancy cam but Instagram is a great way to get fun, artsy pictures straight from your iPhone!

My Week via Instagram!
so. much. stuff.
A backpack plus this bag of novels. Life of an English major
Tried my first cakepop... YUM.
So studious, Martha.
This cracked me up. Just in case you were wondering, this dude is rolling on 24s.
The library had fortune cookies with Wofford-related fortunes... this one was pretty relevant since Martha and I lived in the "Sandbox" for basically six days straight!
Took a dinner break downtown- Denny's Corporate looking festive!

So, I'm finally back home! I actually had a great week despite all my studying! Strangely enough, I made lots of new friends in my days spent in the library... so typical of me, being social when I'm not supposed to. No more papers for me until February! More on that later ;) 


  1. Maybe if Google actually followed the people I try to follow I would have known that you are a ZETA TOO!!!!! (Google has been acting up lately for me and I haven't been able to follow half of the people I should be following.. I have requested to follow you like 3 times now.)

    ZLAM. :)

  2. oo what's your instagram username?