Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New blog stuff!

I'm so excited because I've finally gotten around to really jazzing up my blog! I worked on my "pages" (above!) and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I have finally done my { about me }, and I decided to give a little background behind my blog on the { about my blog } page to share with you what's behind the name and what it means to me. Hopefully these pages will help you learn a little more about me, too!

Also, I'm probably a little to excited about the signature I made. I'm so proud of myself... I'm not that  good with photo editing software, but I found a great site that's a simplified version of Photoshop on the web you don't have to pay for! I loved messing around and trying to create something cute and simple. You know how sometimes when you stare at your name for so long that it looks weird? Yeah, that happened. Procrastination from exam week at its finest. Hope you all enjoy!

PS- Lots of fun giveaways! Check out this lingerie travel bag from Everyday AEM, a goody bag from Carolina on my Mind, jewelry from Lacey in the City, and these cute stationary notepads from Coffee at Nordstrom!!


  1. Love your new blog changes!! It all looks great :) I'm also having a giveaway, make sure to enter to win lots of fun goodies for you just in time for Christmas! :)

  2. loving the new look :-) def looks good!