Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bon Voyage to my Boy!

So, bloggy friends, today is an emotional day for me...

ACM is leaving today to study abroad in Genoa, Italy 
until the beginning of May.

Excuse my drama. I just have to. I've been in complete denial that he's leaving all year long, but the day has finally come. As an architecture major, he is required to study abroad. Of course, I am so excited for this opportunity for him, and a little jealous of all the adventures he will have. I unfortunately will not be able to see him while he is over there, because my spring break schedule and finances just don't allow.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really sad. ACM and I have gone to college at separate schools so we're used to distance, but it will be so odd not being able to see him AT ALL for four months. Skype will be our saving grace, once we figure out how the time differences work out for each of our schedules.

It will be a really strange semester for me- I will of course keep myself busy with schoolwork, my ZTA position, and visiting other friends, but I will miss ACM constantly. I'll have to find dates to my functions- ahh! I've never had to do that before! Here's some pictures of our last 4 years together!

Clemson football 2010

My first Braves game!
ZTA Semiformal 2010
ZTA's Shag-a-Thon 2011

Hilton Head Island 2011
What a good sport :)
High school days!
Christmas lights senior year!
One of our first pictures together!
Any advice from girls who have done long distance (especially abroad!) relationships?! Hopefully I will be able to share some of his adventures and photos with you all! Praying for safe travels for my best friend & sweet boy during his wonderful adventures!


  1. Ahhh I'll be thinking about you! Don't worry - the time is going to fly by :) I'm in a long-distance relationship so I know exactly how you feel! Goodbyes are never easy! But I promise you...the time really will go by quick. I encourage lots of texts/emails (whatever he can get over there) and phone calls - even if they're only for a few minutes :)

  2. Awww I know the feeling...not fun at all! Lots of skype, texts, and letters if you can! I know when I went to Italy it was so hard to keep in close contact with Corey, and I was only gone for 2 weeks! Make sure you guys have a reasonable international calling plan! The highlight of my life when Corey was in North Carolina for school and I was here in California was getting letters in the mail from him. Not sure how mail to another country works, but I know that helped me a lot! Hope he has a fun and safe 4 months! He's going to love Italy!

  3. I would also say Skype as much as possible! When I went abroad my boyfriend and I often sent each other emails at the end of the day to kind of recap for each other. It helped to make me feel involved and it was almost like cyber love letters! I know it sucks but you guys can do it!

  4. Aww! First of all, love that you guys are high school sweet are me and my hubby! And, let's just say, once you get through this experience, you'll be able to tackle SO much as a couple! Just think of how great at communicating you're going to become through this! You soooo got this!

  5. You two are just too adorable! I'm sure you guys will make it work, and will come out much stronger on the other side! You've got this, girl!

  6. Hunter went abroad (only for a month) in the summer but we would skype and fb chat constantly. It was strange because it would be 4am here and 9 or 10 am there, but we did everything to make it work so we could talk! DIstance will make you realize just how much you two need/want each other and it will make your time once he's back that much more enjoyable! Enjoy your time in Australia and New Zealand! :)

  7. Hi Ryann! I just came upon your blog. Love it! Good luck with your long distance. My now husband (then boyfriend) and I were long distance in college too. We've been in separate countries a total of about 9 months of the two and a half years we've been married. Stay strong and busy! Skype rocks!