Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post- { Just Peachy }

I'm excited to share with you the thoughts of my blogger friend and fellow ZTA sister Rachel at Just Peachy Blog! She is super cute and stylish and you should go check out her fun blog!

"I Never Buy Full Price!"
Hey guys! It's Rachel from Just Peachy Blog!

I'm so excited to do this guest post today. Shopping is definitely one of my passions/thing I spend most of my life doing/just a really great way to waste time. If I could turn it into a professional career at which I was making at least a 6 figure salary, believe me, I would.

But at the same time, I never buy anything full price. You heard me.
(Disclaimer: I do buy full price things such as food, and certain items as long as they are under $10.)
Not only does this help me save money, but it's also a really fun game I like to play with myself.

"Let's see how much money I can ask for back!"
"Oh! I spent less than I saved!" 
(LOVE when stores put how much you saved on the receipt. Another great thing about J.Crew)
"It's not on sale today, so I'm not meant to buy it."
"It's on sale now! It's meant to be!"

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So you may be asking yourself, "how does this crazy lady find ways to never purchase anything full price? Why is she so crazy?" Well my friends.. I will share with you my secrets.

1. Keep a list of things you want to buy.
This helps consolidate your wishlist into an easy reference page for when you go shopping, or even when someone wants to buy you a present. I always have a list on my phone of things I need to buy whether it's groceries, things for the home, or clothes/accessories.

2. As soon as you add an item to your wishlist, Google it.
More often than not, you can find your item online for a cheaper price, but be sure to include shipping prices, taxes, and other online fees. Remember the price and website where you found the cheapest price. I have found that online prices are usually lower than the store prices.

3. Google coupon codes.
This goes for online shopping as well as in-store shopping. ALWAYS print out coupons from your e-mail for stores you frequent and save coupons you get in the mail. Usually, before I go to the mall, I will google all of the stores I usually shop at to find a printable coupon. If you can't find an in-store coupon, chances are there will probably be an online code. Here are the most useful websites I have found:

4. Ask for discounts.
I've always been told to ask, because the worst that could happen is a no! As a sales associate, I know first hand how rewarding it feels to help someone out with a "secret" discount! Don't be afraid to ask; stores usually give discounts if your item is damaged and if your item had a different price tag speak up! Always say Thank You when the sales associate does something special for you!

5. Know when to shop.
We all know and love the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale. I NEVER buy anything at Victoria's Secret without paying at least half the price and I only own their bras. These sales are always around the same times: beginning of the year (January) and middle of the year (June). Same with Bath and Body Works. Also, it's good to know when stores do markdowns. J.Crew does markdowns on Wednesday nights, and Anthropologie puts Fresh Cuts on their website on Tuesdays.

I hope you all found this post informative! I love talking about shopping and all of the deals I find. I also love helping other people get deals too! Hop on over to my blog for more shopping tips!

Thank you SO much for this opportunity Ryann! :)


  1. I'm so glad to know that someone else does this as well! I found out the other day that The Limited does at 15% off student discount just like J. Crew. It saved me $25 on my suit!

  2. Great tips! This is going to be a goal of mine this year!

  3. These are amazing tips! I hardly ever buy anything at full price, too. The idea of looking things up online is so smart!