Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stand Up and Get Krunk.

Okay, so I know the Top 5 Tuesday this week from Rachel was "Pump Up Songs", but I obviously don't have my life together and am wayyy behind. BUT I still wanted to share with you guys my running playlist, because I love seeing what others are listening to!

My Top Runnings/Workout Songs!
I've started going to the gym again, and I'm so proud of myself to actually be able to run on the treadmill for a significant amount of time! I have to cover up the monitor with my sweatshirt so I don't stare at it the whole time, and I measure my run through songs- I can run straight with no break through about 5 songs... that ranges anywhere from 2.3-2.6 miles, depending on how my shuffle works out. Today I'm going for 6 songs! I gotta hit that 5k mark soon. All of these come from my "Stand Up and Get Krunk!" playlist... yes, you can laugh.

"Somebody to Love" -Justin Bieber
Bieber is my guilty pleasure. I can't help it. Anyone who knows me knows it only takes a little Biebz to get me pumped for the day!

"Dynamite" -Taio Cruz
This is just one of those upbeat songs that makes me smile!

 "Give Me Everything" -Pitbull
This song makes me think of this summer, for some reason. When I'm at a lull in my run and get tired, this chorus just pumps me up a little bit!

"Jai Ho!" -The Pussycat Dolls
You can laugh. I'm not a PCD fan but this is from the movie Slumdog Millionaire and they have it on Just Dance for Wii... and now I am hooked.

"Moves Like Jagger" -Maroon 5
Oh my goodness, do I love Maroon 5. Correction, I love Adam Levine. Enough said.

"On To The Next One" -Jay-Z and Swizz Beats
This song plays on our basketball's team pump up playlist before games and it works for me, too!

What songs get you going when you hit the gym?! Please share, I love adding to my playlist!

xoxo, ryann


  1. "Give Me Everything" and "Jai Ho" are two of my FAVORITES! I love your choices! I also have to cover up the monitor at the gym or else I stare at it!

  2. These are great songs! I have an extensive running playlist that is ALL rap..I don't even like rap that much, but I need it to run to.

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  4. I love Jai Ho Ryann! I've been running to (don't judge me) Skrillex. Bahaha the beats amazing though!