Sunday, March 11, 2012

Formal and other fun things!

So I feel as if there aren't many exciting things going on in my life right now, but I was so excited to have fun this weekend, take a break from work, and go to ZTA Formal!

what's left of my pledge class- so many of my friends are abroad!
I usually go for the long dresses, but a lot of girls keep it relatively casual and do more cocktail-y attire, so I decided to do the same. I went with a coral orange (even though it looks red in the photos) dress from that I got for a steal. I unfortunately had to get it taken in and the zipper removed, which added to the price, but it was so worth it. I was so comfortable the whole night and had a great time! It came with a cute stretchy gold accent belt and I accessorized with gold bangles, and added some turquoise to make my favorite summery color combination!

the former and current roomies!

With ACM abroad, this was the first function I had to legitimately find a date and go out of my way to ask them- it was weird! I asked a friend from classes who lives on my hall to go with me and he was a wonderful date! We had fun hanging out with our mutual friends and dancing to the band... pretty sure every song they played I said, "I love this song! Let's dance!" Anyone else always do that?! :)
Sim's first ZTA function!
by this time I had given up on my hair looking good!

 Ryann's List of Songs for a Successful Function:
"Brown Eyed Girl"
"Boogie Shoes"
"Get Down On It"
"Brick House"
"Carolina Girls"
....and many more!

I had a great weekend. I really wish ACM had been here to share formal with, but he will be back soon enough! We're just over the halfway mark until he gets home from Italy and I am so excited! Soon enough I will do a blog about long distance and study abroad relationships, because I feel like I've learned so much this semester!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, ryann


  1. so much fun!! I'm glad you had a fabulous date! You look gorgeous!

  2. You look soo gorgeous! Your pictures make me soo excited about the fact that I'm joining a sorority next year during my first year of college! Hope I have as much fun and look as cute as you do! Love this post! (:

  3. You look great!! I really like your dress! The color is great on you! I actually went to a ZTA social this weekend as well :)

  4. I love your dress! Where is it from? I've been looking for the perfect one-shoulder dress forever. Haha.

    1.! And it has pockets, which makes it even better! :)

  5. Oh my gracious - you look absolutely precious!! :) Our formal is next weekend - it's definitely one of my favorite functions :) It looks like you had a fabulous time.

  6. Precious! I love the red and turquoise! My bf has an alumni event next weekend and I need some dress inspiration! I absolutely checking that website out now! Thank goodness I found my way over here :) Following you! Happy Easter!