Saturday, March 17, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new... clothes!


Springtime has come to South Carolina!

I spent all Friday afternoon laying out in Nike shorts and a tank top, reading magazines and soaking up the rays on campus with some of my very dear friends. I feel like we skipped spring and went straight to summer, but I don't hate it! I am currently at home doing the big wardrobe swap to bring back some shorts and sundresses to replace the sweaters and jackets I lugged home!

I am so excited to wear my Jack Rodgers, Lilly sundresses, and J Crew shorts! Now all I need is a little healthy color on my skin to pull it all together! I've been doing some online browsing and am trying to save up some money to spend over Spring Break (in 2 weeks!!) to spend out the outets when I hit the beach with my girl friends.

Check out these beauties from Pinterest I'm going to use for inspiration when shopping:

so boho. love it.

want mint skinnies... now.
love all these basics- classic but so chic.
a mix of preppy and boho... I can dig it.
As I go through my spring and summer wear, however, I've found I have a lot of things that I just don't wear, or are too short, and I would love for someone to have them to actually wear them! I've got a few nice Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polos as well as a few skirts that need some love! That being said, I'm trying to figure out if I want to have a blog sale, and how to go about doing one!

Anyone with any tips or suggestions for me? Have ya'll been successful if you have done a blog sale? Any input is welcome!

xoxo, ryann


  1. I've been wondering about doing one too!! But I'm so nervous about A) parting with my lovelies and B) would anyone actually want my stuff? ha! But I'm so excited about hitting up the outlets for new some new springy clothes. Yayy!!

  2. I absolutely love your spring looks..I want mint pants, too!! I honestly wasn't very lucky with my first blog sale, but that doesn't mean others haven't had successful ones! I think it is worth a try! It isn't difficult to do. Just post photos, sizes, and prices along with how to contact you and how much shipping is!

  3. All of those looks are so great! Def. love the pants! I want that pair and a coral pair... two of my absolute favorite colors. I'm obsessed.