Tuesday, March 13, 2012

workout wear!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to you all for your sweet, sweet comments on my formal pictures! Each one makes my day! I love hearing from  you all!

I'm starting to get into a real workout schedule, and it's great! I feel a lot better, sleep hard at night, and love that I can eat what I want and not worry about it! So totally worth it! But want to know the best part of working out? No, not necessarily the "good ache" of muscles, or finding a new song that pushes you to the next mile... but the fun outfits you can wear! Currently this is my workout outfit:

Here's what I'm eying to spice up my workout routine a bit!

Running Shoes
via Zappos.com
My friend Martha has these shoes and I'm obsessed. I love the bright blue, and they look so light. These even have the Nike iD feature that allows you to track your run with your iPod- too legit. They might be my next investment!

Colorful Nike Shorts
via Pinterest
 Every college girl's staple. Now, for the most part I always make an effort to look nice for class, but as of late, with the weather being nice, I have found myself throwing on a ZTA shirt and picking from my collection of Nike running shorts. I wish I could have every color! The upside to wearing that kind of outfit is that for me, getting dressed to workout is half the battle, so I'm more likely to hit the gym! These Nike Tempo shorts are comfortable, breathable, and so much fun!

Exercise Tanks
I love working out in a big t-shirt, but there's just something about looking "together" with a cute tank and shorts that match. Makes me feel so much more athletic! And it's how you feel that counts, right?!
1) Victoria's Secret
2) Puma
3) Nike
4)Victoria's Secret

These are just a few of my picks for some fun workout wear to inspire you! Now let's hit the gym!

xoxo, ryann


  1. Those running tanks are adorable! I need to stock up on some for the summer! And, those shoes are awesome -- definitely motivation to actually wear/use them :)

  2. Nike shorts (norts) my go-to when in doubt if the weathers nice :)

  3. Hoooooraaay for getting into a workout routine! Keep it up!
    And yeah, having an excuse to go buy yet ANOTHER pair of obnoxiously bright Norts is my favorite part of working out too :)