Monday, April 23, 2012

my weekend via instagram!

So I realize my blog has sort of become just a "weekend update" sort of thing, and with three more stressful weeks of class it might be like that for a while, so thanks for bearing with me! Despite the many stressful assignments I completed and turned in for this fabulous (note the sarcasm) Monday, I had an awesome weekend with all my friends. Here are a few Instagram pics for you to check out:

My ZTA family! love my G-little and Little!

good thing we can totally re-wear our tacky MB tanks!

golf team friends!

You're probably wondering why I'm rocking the shades and tacky Myrtle Beach tank once again, right? Well this weekend at Wofford is a big deal. Each year the Wofford Activites Council puts on what we call Spring Weekend with lots of fun events open to all students on campus. Friday afternoon there is a shaving cream fight down at fraternity row, and this year there was a low country boil and The Movement came to play Friday night! On Saturday, fraternities blare music and everyone just hangs out at the Row. Teams sign up to play beach volleyball on the sand court they bring in with a dump truck! They also do a cookout with burgers and other snacks. It is literally an all day affair- people hang out from 11am until it's time to go in for dinner! Thankfully the weather was nice- the sky looked threatening at first, but it ended up being warm and sunny!

After heading in a bit early, I hit the road and headed to Greenville with my ZTA Little, Lauren. We wanted to go see Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors in concert at a local venue called the Handlebar. They are a husband-wife band and they are awesome. Go look them up if you haven't yet- this song, "Fire and Dynamite", is my favorite. Ellie Holcomb is the cutest thing ever and has an amazing voice. Anyway, I saw on their Twitter earlier this week that the band needed help selling merch at the show, so of course Lauren and I volunteered. Turns out they had filled the spot already and we weren't needed... bummer.

selling merch... we're groupie status.

only slightly obsessed with Ellie Holcomb.
WELL, I get an email on Saturday as soon as I come in to shower and get ready for the show, asking us if we're still available to help sell merch... duh! So we headed to Greenville and ate dinner with my family before going early to learn the ropes. We got in the concert free and also got a free t-shirt and sticker for volunteering! The show was amazing and we were able to meet some really wonderful people. The tour manager who contacted us, Elias, was such a nice and fun guy. We also got to hang a bit with Rayland Baxter, the opener for the concert. He's super chill and his voice is so soothing... go look him up too! What a fun night with my sweet friend enjoying some awesome music and making new friends.

I was super stressed about getting all my work done, but it was so totally worth it to just let go and have some fun this weekend. I always get my work done somehow, and I end up worrying myself way more than it's worth. This year I've really learned to stop and think about what I truly want and what's best for me. Finding a healthy balance between work and play has been the key to my happiness this semester. My next two weekends are loaded with fun activities as well, which I will keep you posted on as I get through the madness of final exams, papers, and assignments. Happy Monday!

xoxo, ryann

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