Thursday, May 31, 2012

21 and havin' fun!

Yay! It's finally my turn... my 21st birthday!

I am the last one out of all my friends to turn 21, and I am so excited for all them to share in my special celebration! For now I am keeping it low-key and just doing a family dinner tonight and a special birthday date night with Andrew tomorrow. Next week I'm excited to go out to dinner with some of my friends from school as a reunion/birthday celebration!

What to wear for the outing with my girls next week?! Here are a few Pinterest inspired ideas.

Do I buy a new maxi skirt for the occasion?! via
Colored jeans and a cute top?! via
or do I accessorize a cute white sundress and wedges?! via

What do you wear for a fun birthday outing with your girls!?

xoxo ryann


  1. I love the white sundress and wedges, but they're all cute! I was the last one of my friends to turn 21 as well, so I remember how excited I was! The waiting stinks, but at least all your friends can (legally) celebrate with you. Happy 21st!

  2. Happy birthday!! Have a fabulous day!

  3. I say for summer do white dress & wedges! Hope your 21st is wonderful!!! :)