Saturday, June 30, 2012

{Learning to be the Light} on long distance

While I am soaking up the sun and fun in Virginia Beach, my sweet friend Sasha was wonderful enough to guest post for me! She was a guest blogger while I was traveling in Australia and New Zealand this summer, and I just had to have her back! She's done some awesome re-vamping to her blog that I am super impressed with. Go check her out, she'll be your new favorite!  Remeber when my boyfriend was abroad? Well hers is working in Atlanta this summer and next semester, so she's learning to hand a LDR like I did!

Hey! I'm Sasha from {Learning to be the Light} and i'm so excited to be participating in a guest post while Ryann is away!  When she asked me to guest post she gave me free reign to talk about whatever i'd like with you guys, whew, where to start? 

I decided I'd talk about something I'm experiencing right now,
I'm no long distance pro, nor have I even been dating long distance for a really long time.  But I have in a short time learned some very interesting and helpful tips to make dating long distance a better and more beneficial experience.
  1. Trust I can't say this enough, trust trust trust.  If you're dating long distance and you guys don't trust each other it really is going to be a stressful separation spent snooping and worrying about what your significant other is up too.
  2. Communication so important.  It's important to talk as much as possible, whether that be every day, every other day, or once a week.  But it's not just talking, or aimlessly listening to a conversation of the phone.  It's meaningful conversation filled with encouragement, compassion, and interest.
  3. Get face to face this one isn't possible for everyone, but can ease the pain that distance creates by seeing your significant other. Skype and face-time are two wonderful creations that make getting face to face much easier.
  4. Stay tuned in this one I touched on in communication, but it's so important.  Keep up with important dates, like tests, interviews, projects and remember to encourage him (or her) in their endeavors. Always be uplifting, even though you're not around them every day, this encouragement will keep them motivated and confident in whatever they do.
  5.  Sacrifice, it's necessary. You may not want to be the one to leave your friends for a weekend to visit each other, but it's important to keep things fair. You can't always expect your significant other to come see you, work out a system. Seeing each other is important, within reason, and visiting gives you an opportunity to explore the life that they're creating wherever they are. 
I know there is so much more to learn about dating long distance, and although it is tough it gives each of you an opportunity to grow.  Not to mention, when you're living two separate lives you always have something to talk about!

Hope this helps if you're dating long distance, and if you've been there and done that, this girls always taking tips and advice for long distance dating.
xoxo {Sasha}

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  1. I am loving your blog posts.. They are awesome. The layout and the pictures are indeed mindblowing.