Thursday, June 21, 2012

my little glimpse of the "real world"!

Hola bloggy friends! This is the part where I apologize (once again) for being a slacker and not blogging for [10] days. whoops. This sounds ridiculous, especially since I love blogging so much, but I am on the computer all day for work and when I get home at 5:30 all I want to do is flop onto the couch and do nothing! Who would have thought just sitting there for 7-8 would make me so exhausted?! On that note.. it's time to fill you in on...


My friends and family that read this know the extreme struggle it took to get to this point. I began interviewing and applying to internships in January- I submitted applications, when to interviews, and just had no luck.

 There was that one time I never heard back from a firm when I sent in an application.
There was that one time I interviewed and the head of the firm "forgot" to contact me and tell me she gave the internship to a college graduate until my mom ran into her one day and (politely) called her out on it.  
Then there was that one time I interviewed for the dream non-profit intern position (though unpaid) and then came to find out the woman who interviewed me stepped down and the organization was a little shambly... 

Then, the Friday afternoon before exam week (yes, cutting it close, people), I saw a posting for a communications internship position at a fairly large local non-profit, and I freaked. I wrote my cover letter and sent in my resume that very day (keep in mind I had a ZTA function that afternoon and still managed to have fun and fulfill my big girl pre-internship duties!)

I got a call during exam week to come in for an interview. I loved the organization right away, and found out that my would-be boss was a Wofford graduate! I left the interview fairly confident, but still nervous due to my constant failure in the employment department. I was all,

"SOMEONE hire me....please....
I'll do whatever you want for some resume sparkle 
and a little extra Target spending money!!!!"

Well, after months of rejection and worrying, all my wishin' and hopin' and especially prayin' paid off, and I was offered the internship! I'm finishing up week 3 and have worked harder than I ever imagined and learned so many things about PR, marketing, and communications in general that I never would have in the classroom, and for that I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Now that I'm where I need to be, at least for the summer, I can't help but look back and laugh at my constant worry. God has His own timing, and this past semester was a smack in the face with that reminder. Things didn't go "my way" for the longest time. Andrew was gone, I wasn't getting hired, and more, and I was confused and constantly asking God, "Why? When will by 'my time'?" And here I am.

Now, work isn't all butterflies and glitter, but I love who I work with and what I'm learning. This is my first glimpse into the "real world" and it's a little scary, but I think I kind of like it.

xoxo, ryann


  1. I'm glad you like it! It gets better :)

  2. I'm in the unemployment boat still and I am freaking. To say the least! I know I should be patient knowing the right thing will come at the right time but I just feel so discouraged. I love reading about other people's success in finding jobs and I'm so happy you're loving it!

    1. I know how hard it is... trust me, I was freaking, thinking, "if I can't even get a summer job, how am I supposed to start a career?!". However, now I'm a firm believer in just having trust! If you are a hard worker and put yourself out there, the perfect opportunity will come along at some point, whether you realize it or not! Try not to be discouraged- you know you are awesome and that anyone would be lucky to have you work for them! They'll figure it out soon enough! :)

  3. Glad you like it!! Haha, I rarely respond to resumes when people submit them (only if they are terrible or totally don't meet what I am looking for). But recruiters are different so duh you arent terrible. Hehe. Yes, it is all in God's timing. I keep telling myself that for when I move HOME! xoxo

  4. I'm so glad you're loving your job! I definitely know what you're talking about. The end of my junior year of college, I didn't have an apartment for the next year (and my future roommate was in Ireland!) or a summer job going into exam week, and I finished exam week with an apartment one block off campus and a job for summer AND senior year. Sometimes you've just got to have a little faith.

  5. Yay for Big girl jobs!! :) They're definitely a little bit scary - I was terrified on my first day haha. Working with a non profit sounds awesome and like such a great opportunity. I know you're doing great!

  6. Congratulations Ryann! I completely understand how you feel. The whole entire process can be so difficult and discouraging. Just last week I was offered an internship position and was negotiating pay. But then, couple of days later, they called and took back the offer. Frustrating to say the least. But, I know that the Lord has perfect timing and am completely surrendering this whole process and trusting Him. My identity isn't in the internship/jobs that I have!

    Good luck and I hope you have a fabulous time at the internship. You'll rock it!

  7. so glad you were able to secure an internship with a company that you enjoy! for internships that sometimes the most important! and liking your fellow employees is also veryyyyy crucial for surviving the work week!