Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm working on some changes and improvements for my little blog, yay!

If you haven't noticed, I changed my URL-I probably should have given a heads up!

However, you can now find me at:

I have kept my old URL and made a re-direct page for anyone who has simply bookmarked my page. I hope this doesn't mess up anyone's Google Readers- please let me know if you have any problems!

Also- check out my guest blog for Sasha over at Learning to be the Light!
Happy Monday, y'all!

xoxo, ryann

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BLOGGER SAVVY friends- Your help is needed!

Okay, so I love my little corner of the internet over here and am thinking about doing a little revamping.

The key to this is changing my URL.

I don't want to purchase my own domain name yet, but I'm interested in changing the blogspot address to reflect the name of my blog (rather than my initials, name, etc).

Has anyone changed their blogspot URL before and can offer me assistance?

I have a few concerns:

1) Will my blog still show up in all my follower's Google Reader if my URL is changed?
2) Is there a way that Blogger can redirect in case this doesn't happen?

I reallllllly want to alter my URL and I appreciate all the help I can get!

Thanks smart blog friends!

xoxo, ryann

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

YAY! It's Wednesday!!

Today I'm linking up for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" over at This Kind of Love!

I'm loving that I leave for the beach next Saturday! Hilton Head, here we come! My best friend Parkes will be there the first half of the week (we'll miss you, Nat!) and then ACM will come at the second half of the week!

super pumped to hit the Salty Dog again this year. (notice stank face photobomb)

I'm loving my internship. The whole office has been playing games of cornhole for the past two months, and the competition ended yesterday with a big tournament! I wasn't good enough to actually make it to the tourney, but we all had fun dressing casual, eating Chic-Fil-A, and cheering on our co-workers!
cornhole madness!
interns (minus one!)
I'm loving that I get paid tomorrow. Not that I need to actually spend money, but I'm just saying.

I'm loving that this Emily Giffin book was delivered to my Kindle! I have quite a few books left to read this summer!
I'm not loving the circumstances, but I am loving the support and community from my sorority and college I have seen over the past day. Don't want to share many details, but one of the sweet rising sophomores on my Positions Council for ZTA really needs your prayers. She's dealing with surgery currently and upcoming radiation and chemotherapy. Please keep her in your thoughts! She is a wonderful girl and is being so positive!

Thank you for reading and for your prayers!
 What are you loving this Wednesday?

xoxo, ryann

By the way- if you haven't yet, go check out the Jacks giveaway at Coffee at Nordstrom!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the 411 on ryann

I've hopped on the bandwagon and decided to do the link-up From Mrs. To Mama to help ya'll get to know me! I think I may be a little late, but it just looks so fun I decided to join anyway. I've seen lots of my favorites all over the blogosphere join in, and I've loved the insight into my favorite bloggers' lives!

1. How long have you been blogging? And what got you started on blogging? Has your blog changed?
I've been blogging since June 2010, which is really odd to me. I don't know why I started, I just wanted a forum for my reflections on life, and I didn't really care about building community or sharing my thoughts with others. However, this past year, with a little inspiration from my sweet friend Charlotte, I decided to really kick my blogging into high gear. I became more consistent and really got interested in what other bloggers had to say. I wouldn't say my blog has changed subject wise- I just write about my life, interests, and what is relevant to me, and that's what's most important!

2. Did you go to college? If so where, and what did you study?

I'm eagerly anticipating my senior year at Wofford College, and I could not be more thrilled. I'm an English major with a Communications concentration and a business minor.
baby Ryann at freshman orientation- go Terriers!
3. Where have you traveled?
I'm so lucky to have been blessed with the opportunities to travel some fantastic places with my family and school. My family has been around the U.S and also to Scotland and England. With school I have traveled to Peru as well as Australia and New Zealand with our winter term program.
throwin' what we know at Macchu Picchu, January 2011

St. Andrews Links in Scotland, Summer 2011

Sydney Opera House, January 2012
4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
Oh my goodness, that is really tough. I would probably save it right away and not buy anything. Except I may go on a J Crew shopping trip. Yes, I know, big spender...

5. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?
Hmmm. Bad writing (for example, horrid grammar, lack of punctuation, etc), messy/noisy eaters, and lack of respect for others' time.

6. What is your favorite movie?

Oh, man. This is hard. I'm pretty much really behind when it comes to movies- there's some pretty great ones I've never seen. However, the flavor of the month when it comes to movies is Crazy, Stupid Love. So funny!

7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?

I drink water on the reg. But, I must say, I love some sweet tea. Better yet, there's this awesome local sandwich shop that serves strawberry tea... mmmmm.

8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?

SLEEP. Haha kidding, but not. I love coffee/froyo dates with friends, shopping, exercising, taking pictures, and reading!

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?

Oh wow. Target or Nordstrom or J. Crew. I can't decide. 

10. If your life was turned into a movie... what actor would play you?
People say I look like Anne Hathaway, so I guess her. I take that as a compliment, because I think she is stunning (However, I seriously don't see it...)

11. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years?

Babysitting a lot in high school and some college. I've also interned for a minor league baseball team, worked for Wofford's athletic department, and blogged for Wofford admissions office. 
 12. Show us a picture from high school or college.
Ya'll have seen enough college photos... time to do a flashback to my fun high school times!

this picture embarrasses me. freshman year, when we thought it was so cool to make t-shirts for football games.
sweet 16 birthday party- we did a photo scavenger hunt downtown, it was pretty legit!
so intense. my golf team captain days.
my Presbyterian Youth Council girls- I miss them so much!
the Trio at graduation!
13. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?
Oh, wow. This is hard. Italy. Or Spain. Or Brazil. Or Belize. Any of them. All of them. 

14. Show us the most current picture of you or your family.

most current, and most awkward picture of my family. hehe :)
15. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?

It seems so far, but I know it will come so fast! Well, hopefully I will be happily married and in a job that I love. Not too sure what that job will be, but I know the future is bright!

Thanks for reading this far- hope you've learned a bit more about me from this. Any other questions? Feel free to ask! 

xoxo ryann 

PS- go check out Crystal's Jack Rogers giveaway at Coffee at Nordstrom!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

it's ok thursday.

it's okay that...

I just really haven't "been in the mood" to hit the gym this week. eh, whatevs.

I am becoming strangely obsessed with the Batman movies
... going to surprise ACM with an IMAX viewing of the newest!

I legit daydream about cupcakes.
I may be kinda excited about lunch with my Mimi at her assisted living home, followed by a documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright.

I am once again questioning my career path.

My to-do list of things to get done before school starts grows, not shrinks, each day.

I actually don't want senior year to begin, because that means it will end!

Now that I actually make money, I don't want to spend it.


Its Ok Thursdays
You feeling okay this Thursday? Go link up!
 Happy almost weekend!
xoxo ryann

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{guest blogging} at A Midwest Collegiate

*ring ring*
*ring ring*

"Hi! This is ryann! I'm not here right now, but you can check out my blog post on how I'm kicking it into high gear this summer and working towards a healthy lifestyle as I guest blog for Christine at A Midwest Collegiate! Go check it out, and thanks for stopping by!"


xoxo, ryann

Sunday, July 15, 2012

my weekly gratitude

I must apologize for being absent- this week of work was crazy and was I gone all weekend helping with orientation at school! To start the week off, though, I'm going to share my Weekly Gratitude by linking up with Ashley and Loving Life and Lilly

 This week I am grateful for... 

my Kindle and good reads.
an internship I love to go to everyday.
my amazing college and the community that comes with it.
a calming rain on a summer afternoon.
anticipation of fun things to come- beach trips, dinners with friends, and moving back to school.
k-cup iced coffee.
blog friends who ask me to guest blog (making me feel loved :) ).
an awesome God who continues to use me and reveal his plan for me daily.


What about you? Happy Sunday, ya'll :)

xoxo, ryann

Sunday, July 8, 2012

congratulations, Charlotte!

Disclaimer: NOT my finger... but still exciting!!!

I can't explain how THRILLED I was to get a picture message from my fabulous (real life & blog) friend Charlotte! You may know her from her cute blog documenting her life in Illinois, From Carolina Cotton to Illinois Corn! If you haven't already, I suggest you hop on over and read her series of posts about the engagement!

Charlotte and I met through ZTA in college, and we realized we were practically the same person. She served as Vice President and in charge of the committee I was on. Today, I am also Vice President and value Charlotte's help and support even though she is years removed from life as a collegiate!

2 years ago before our successful fundraiser we planned together... wonderful friends ever since!!

Greek Awards dinner
Before Char's last Philanthropy Night party during recruitment!
I think it is so funny that Tyler proposed last weekend, because of a Facebook chat conversation Charlotte and I had the week before. We both tend to chat during work hours (shhhh!) with each other and complain about how tired, hungry, stressed, etc etc we are. Since we hadn't chatted in a while, I asked her when "Tyler would finally put a ring on it..." and low and behold, he did within a few days!

I could go on and on and on about how wonderful Charlotte is. She is so motivated, loving, fun, smart, and driven. She is everything I want to be as I grow older and I could not be more happy for her! Charlotte wrote a sweet post for my birthday, and this is just my little way of congratulating her and her sweet husband-to-be, Tyler! 

Char showing off her bling and her sweet fiancee! (stolen from her Facebook)
I love you Char, and cannot wait to see your life as Mrs. Law grow into something wonderful! And don't worry, I'll be there all along the way if you want any input on wedding details... if my Pinterest is any indication, I love weddings! :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Pop on over and visit Charlotte's fabulous blog and hear her sweet story!

xoxo, ryann 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm excited to do my first Friday's Letters linkup from Adventures at Newlyweds! Here goes nothing... 

Dear Summer, how the heck are you flying by so fast?! I can't believe it's already July. Dear bank account, why aren't you unlimited? Your girl can't afford all the super cute clothes I've been seeing at J Crew, Old Navy, Francesca's, and Lands End Canvas. Dear internship, I love you, but why the long hours? I feel like once I get home, all I do is eat, work out, shower and go to bed. What happened to fun summer nights? On that note... Dear workouts, why must you last so long and make me sweat so much? Why isn't there a magic spell that can blast calories and create some muscles? Dear weather, WHY ARE YOU SO HOT? 99+ degrees doesn't do it for me. Dear Jack Rogers, why are you so cute yet so uncomfortable?! You've got me tied around your finger... I just keep coming back. Dear best friends, why are you so busy and far away?! I miss you both!

missing the trio this weekend.
Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, ryann

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Virginia (Beach) is for Lovers

Hello ladies! 

Just wanted to give you a little update on my fun weekend! ACM and I took a little roadtrip up the Virginia Beach to see my Little and her boyfriend! My Little, Lauren, and I are super close and our boys have become good friends as well. She is transferring to UVA next year so I wanted to make sure I had an opportunity to see her before fall semester. Here's a little play by play of our weekend!

ACM and I hit the road early Thursday morning and prepared for a 7 hour drive. We split driving time which was great, but we hit accident traffic THEN 5 o clock traffic on our way in. Thankfully, we still made it to Virginia Beach by a reasonable dinner time!

I survived 4 months of this goob abroad, as well as 8+ hours in the car!
Once we arrived we took the beach cruisers (so fun.. I want one!) down to the boardwalk area. Little surprised me and invited a friend from Wofford, Charlie, to dinner as well! He is working in VA Beach this summer. The whole crew explored the boardwalk before dinner, listened to a band outside a hotel, and grabbed Ben and Jerry's for dessert!

Wofford kids!

The whole crew in front of the Neptune statue- apparently the locals were NOT happy with it, because Neptune is always supposed to be facing the water!

ZTA Big/Little and our sweet boys! It's so fun to have another couple to hang out with.

ACM and I enjoying the street performers while waiting for our table at dinner!

Going to miss this girl so much next year!
Friday we spent the day on the beach, which was wonderful! The sand of Virginia Beach is so fluffy and white, unlike the hard sand of the SC beaches. It was hot, but not terrible when you took a dip in the surf! ACM has a friend from VA Beach who went to Italy with him, so I was finally able to meet her!

ACM bought a tacky tank, and we proudly rocked them on the beach!

This world is too small! Andrew's friend Meagan (middle) knew Little in high school!
Friday night we went to Little's boyfriend, Avery's house. He lives on the bay and has a boat we took to dinner at a place on the water called Chick's. It was so fun to live like a local and I loved getting a tour of the surrounding area on the water. Avery even drove us around a Greek cargo ship at sunset, which was pretty cool.

excited for the boat ride!

best friends.

I swear this looks like a J Crew ad!

Greek cargo ship in the bay

beach beauty!
We spent our last full day in Virginia Beach lounging by the pool at Avery's house. We ended our day with a picnic on the beach with Lauren's mom and youngest sister. We had excellent sandwiches from a restaurant called Taste with some pasta salad. It was so relaxing to watch the sun go down as we enjoyed our last hours of daylight with our friends. We even brought Little's dog, Weezie with us and played!

best friends.
I was so sad to leaving, knowing I wouldn't see Lauren for at least three more months. I'm so sad she is transferring, but we will definitely keep in touch. Thankfully the drive home was uneventful and we got home safe and sound. However, I get depressed just looking at my debit card history that shows my purchases in Virginia Beach... I want to go back!

Have any of you ever been to Virginia Beach? Did you do anything fun and relaxing this past weekend?!

Monday, July 2, 2012

guest blogging at Just Peachy!

I'm guest posting today over at Just Peachy blog for my ZTA sister, Rachel! 

Go see my past fashion regrets and my pick for future fashion embarrassment!