Sunday, July 15, 2012

my weekly gratitude

I must apologize for being absent- this week of work was crazy and was I gone all weekend helping with orientation at school! To start the week off, though, I'm going to share my Weekly Gratitude by linking up with Ashley and Loving Life and Lilly

 This week I am grateful for... 

my Kindle and good reads.
an internship I love to go to everyday.
my amazing college and the community that comes with it.
a calming rain on a summer afternoon.
anticipation of fun things to come- beach trips, dinners with friends, and moving back to school.
k-cup iced coffee.
blog friends who ask me to guest blog (making me feel loved :) ).
an awesome God who continues to use me and reveal his plan for me daily.


What about you? Happy Sunday, ya'll :)

xoxo, ryann


  1. Randomly found your blog and was so excited to find out that you are a Wofford girl! My husband graduated from there in 2010 and played football there. I went to Converse, but all of my fun college memories revolve around WoCo! I sure do miss it! I was reading our latest Wofford magazine that came in the mail and I recognized your pretty face! :)

    1. Oh my goodness! This world is too small! I just love that school- haha I'm surprised you spotted me, but I did get my 5 minutes of fame :)

  2. I just love my kindle too, what good books are you reading? I'm trying to stock up for my trip to the beach! Iced coffee K-Cups are the BEST! I love the French Vanilla one :)

    Hope you had the best weekend!


    1. LOVE French vanilla iced coffee K cups!! I finished Summer at Tiffany's- it was a great quick read, very lighthearted and fun! Thanks for a great link up :)