Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Virginia (Beach) is for Lovers

Hello ladies! 

Just wanted to give you a little update on my fun weekend! ACM and I took a little roadtrip up the Virginia Beach to see my Little and her boyfriend! My Little, Lauren, and I are super close and our boys have become good friends as well. She is transferring to UVA next year so I wanted to make sure I had an opportunity to see her before fall semester. Here's a little play by play of our weekend!

ACM and I hit the road early Thursday morning and prepared for a 7 hour drive. We split driving time which was great, but we hit accident traffic THEN 5 o clock traffic on our way in. Thankfully, we still made it to Virginia Beach by a reasonable dinner time!

I survived 4 months of this goob abroad, as well as 8+ hours in the car!
Once we arrived we took the beach cruisers (so fun.. I want one!) down to the boardwalk area. Little surprised me and invited a friend from Wofford, Charlie, to dinner as well! He is working in VA Beach this summer. The whole crew explored the boardwalk before dinner, listened to a band outside a hotel, and grabbed Ben and Jerry's for dessert!

Wofford kids!

The whole crew in front of the Neptune statue- apparently the locals were NOT happy with it, because Neptune is always supposed to be facing the water!

ZTA Big/Little and our sweet boys! It's so fun to have another couple to hang out with.

ACM and I enjoying the street performers while waiting for our table at dinner!

Going to miss this girl so much next year!
Friday we spent the day on the beach, which was wonderful! The sand of Virginia Beach is so fluffy and white, unlike the hard sand of the SC beaches. It was hot, but not terrible when you took a dip in the surf! ACM has a friend from VA Beach who went to Italy with him, so I was finally able to meet her!

ACM bought a tacky tank, and we proudly rocked them on the beach!

This world is too small! Andrew's friend Meagan (middle) knew Little in high school!
Friday night we went to Little's boyfriend, Avery's house. He lives on the bay and has a boat we took to dinner at a place on the water called Chick's. It was so fun to live like a local and I loved getting a tour of the surrounding area on the water. Avery even drove us around a Greek cargo ship at sunset, which was pretty cool.

excited for the boat ride!

best friends.

I swear this looks like a J Crew ad!

Greek cargo ship in the bay

beach beauty!
We spent our last full day in Virginia Beach lounging by the pool at Avery's house. We ended our day with a picnic on the beach with Lauren's mom and youngest sister. We had excellent sandwiches from a restaurant called Taste with some pasta salad. It was so relaxing to watch the sun go down as we enjoyed our last hours of daylight with our friends. We even brought Little's dog, Weezie with us and played!

best friends.
I was so sad to leaving, knowing I wouldn't see Lauren for at least three more months. I'm so sad she is transferring, but we will definitely keep in touch. Thankfully the drive home was uneventful and we got home safe and sound. However, I get depressed just looking at my debit card history that shows my purchases in Virginia Beach... I want to go back!

Have any of you ever been to Virginia Beach? Did you do anything fun and relaxing this past weekend?!


  1. I've never been there, but it looks amazing! I love those swimsuits too!

  2. I was born there and used to live there! I have some family there still! It has changed so much since I lived there, but I still love to visit!

  3. I was wondering if I'd recognize anywhere you talked about because I live at the beach (well, if you went through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, I live in the town before you cross over the bridge) and I did! Taste is one of my FAVORITES! We have one on our side of the water and when I worked near one I would get a sandwich several times a week. Their house dressing is so good. Glad you had a good time :)

  4. This all looks like so much fun! My little came to visit last week, and I know I felt like it was way too short!! Glad you had such a great visit. xo