Saturday, August 25, 2012

laterz, y'all

Okay, I realize I have been absent for a while. But it is because I am in the process of moving back to school for my SENIOR YEAR!

So, our foyer looks like this:

And the contents of my closet are eating this chair...

so, currently...


but you know what? It's really okay. Because I'm about to start the best year of my college career. I'm living with three of my best friends, working a few great jobs, taking classes I'm legitimately excited about, and more! I'm going to enjoy every second of this crazy year that will help prepare me for my post-grad life, whatever that may involve!

So, I will be on blogging break for a little while while I get my apartment together and help welcome the freshmen to my wonderful school as a part of Orientation Staff! I will be sure to share pictures with you once I am settled!

Thanks for bearing with me, y'all! Be back soon!

xoxo, ryann

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  1. Good luck with your senior year. I just started my "super" senior semester! I am graduating in December and I'm so excited/terrified! I am not sure how I feel about entering the "real world"...