Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catching up! (a.k.a "photo dump")

Hello friends! Things are slowing down and I am slowly but surely getting back to "normal". My midterm week is wrapping up, PTL! I am feeling uber guilty about not being present on my beloved blog and plus, I miss having time to blog browse and connect with you all. With the weather changing, I'm wanting to do posts on fall fashion, yummy recipes, and so many other fun things that have been going on and popping into my head.

However, for now, I'll just catch y'all up on what's been going on with me with a fabulous Instagram photodump! If you really want to keep up with me, follow me on twitter (@ryannkroske) or Instagram (ryannkroske)-- I update those on the reg! So, without further adue...

 ZTA recruitment and girl's bid day was a great success! We got 35 incredible young women and bid day was a blast- our theme was "Best Catch". Lots of girls dressed up like fishermen but I decided to be different and attempt a little Rainbow Fish get-up! Anyone remember that book?!

The Wofford tradition of Boy's Bid Day was lots of fun- each pledge class of each sorority dresses up under a certain theme. We were gardners, which was a little hard to dress like, but it was still fun getting together, taking pictures, and hanging out! 

ZTA's fall function was themed "Rhyme Without Reason", and Andrew and I had so much fun dressing up. We went as Bear Grylls (of Man vs. Wild) and Beverly Hills! My favorite parts were my purse dog and sock bun (much harder than it looks, haha!)

 Parent's Weekend was lots of fun! ZTA seniors had a special dinner on the Friday night. It was such a fun getting together and reflecting on our last few years together as not just ZTA sisters, but Wofford families!

My Little (on the far right) who transferred to UVA is visiting this weekend! I'm so happy to be spending time with her and I love laid back weekends like this. 

Fall break is next weekend, so I will definitely have more photos to share and hopefully time to really catch up and get in the groove of things. Thanks for hanging with me, y'all! 

xoxo, ryann 

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