Friday, October 26, 2012

I said "yes!"

First, I am going to apologize for the delay of this blog post, I've had so many people who want details and I don't want to forget a single bit! Where do I even begin? Hang tight with me, this might be a little lengthy!

To preface the story, a little background. Andrew and I started dating junior year of high school. We went to Sky Top apple orchard in Hendersonville, NC with some friends as one of our first dates as "officially" boyfriend and girlfriend. There aren't many places that are super significant to us, but this is one memorable place!

we were so little!!!

part of me wishes we had remade this picture after the engagement, haha!
To preface the story, my roommate's birthday was coming up and she told us that her mom wanted to treat us all to manicures in honor of the occasion. So, Friday afternoon we got our nails done courtesy of Lea's mom (or so I thought...). I came to find out that my mom actually paid for all our manicures because Andrew wanted to make sure my nails looked great for all the pictures we would be taking... so sweet!

Anyways, we had talked about taking a trip to Skytop Orchard to get some apples before they were gone, but made no definite plans. This Saturday I knew Andrew's grandparents were coming into town from Illinois and I had cleared my schedule to head home to have lunch with them. However, a few days before Andrew insisted we go apple picking- he seemed like he knew what he wanted to do! I went with it and honestly didn't think anything of the change of plans. So, he picked me up and we rode up the the orchard and picked apples, everyone acting normal. We paid for our goodies and then decided to walk around a bit and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Then Andrew started walking all over tarnation- between rows, through trees... I was so confused and kept asking where we were going. It turns out he was looking for his friends from Clemson who were hiding to take pictures IN THE TREES!

Finally, he was satisfied with his placement, he turned to me and handed me a gift wrapped in white wrapping paper and told me to open it. He took the small card off the gift and held it as I began to open the present. Before I finished, he got down on one knee and began to read the sweet note. I was blown away and so surprised! Looking back, he said he was sorry that he had to read his words, but I'm so glad he did because now I get to re-read them whenever I want! I wasn't able to finish opening the gift until after the ring, and at first I was confused because the gift looked like the pink and brown Bible I already own. However, upon further examination, I found that the Bible had "Ryann McCall" (my new last name!) embossed in silver. YES. That just happened. So sweet and thoughtful.

my old and new Bibles... so strange seeing a new name!!
Giddy with excitement, I was ecstatic to text and call all my friends and family. However, Andrew asked if he could take my phone so he could take me home and we could celebrate with just our families before heading back to Wofford and sharing this special time with friends. I was fine with it of course, and off we went down the mountain, headed back to my house.

As we approached my house, I saw cars lining up the driveway. It turns out our intimate family gathering was actually a surprise (well, a surprise for me, at least!) engagement party with not only our family, but church friends, my Wofford girls, his Clemson friends, my campus minister, and other family and friends! I was at first so overwhelmed because I don't like being in the spotlight, but I was so thankful to have all my loved ones in one place to share our special day!

so darn happy!

Andrew was sweet enough to get all my Wofford girls in on the plan!!

My two best friends from HS, Natalie and Parkes, will be my Maids of Honor! I love this picture, so "us" haha

I had no idea when I woke up that morning that I would no longer have a boyfriend, but a fiance, by the end of the day! I don't think it has really hit me yet, but it's all so exciting. I am thrilled to start the planning process and begin this wonderful journey with Andrew with our friends and family alongside!

xoxo, ryann


  1. Congratulations! That's a great engagements story :) One I'm sure you'll be sharing a lot in the years to come!

  2. How am I just now reading this?? AHHHH LOVE IT!! and LOVE YOU!! This is so so so sweet! You know I am thrilled for you!! xxoxoxo

    And LOVE the blog design. Currently mine is a work in progress- may pick your brain about some of it too! xo

  3. LOOVEEE this! Such a great story--and how wonderful that he wrote down what he wanted to say. THat's going to be wonderful for years to come--I honestly don't have a clue what Andrew told me when he proposed!

  4. Ahhhh... I am SO sorry I am just now seeing this, but congratulations on your engagement! I am just now finally catching up on my favorite blogs and got SOOOO excited when I read this sweet, sweet story. He did so good! Congrats to you's going to be an exciting year of wedding planning! Enjoy every second of it :)