Monday, December 24, 2012

"he's here!" {a Christmas story}

What a joy it is to view the Christmas story through the eyes of a child but with a more full understanding of the blessings of the season! 

I am in love with this wonderfully made and beautifully narrated video from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Last year I did an RUF Bible study with this book. It is a compilation of stories from both the Old and New Testament, beautifully illustrated and told in a magic way that is easily understood by young believers but speaks volumes to even those who have told the story a million times. The lines are truly lyrical, and "every story whispers his name."  I enjoy reading stories in my scripture study then referring back to my Jesus Storybook Bible to understand it in a whole new way!

I've been hit hard this holiday season with lots of prayer concerns-- I've had family friends with reoccuring cancer, family dealing with addiction and major health concerns, a nation rocked by the Sandy Hook shootings, and the realization of a world that needs the loving arms of God more than ever. As I reflect upon this sadness, grief, and hardship, I am humbled by the story of the arrival of our Savior. As promised, sweet baby Jesus was brought to us in overwhelming darkness that night to bring joy, hope, and wholeness to our sad and hurting world. That's what this time of year is about-- JOY-- and the remembrance of a God who loves us enough to send Jesus, Emmanuel, to walk among us and experience our pain one hundred fold as he was crucified to save us from our many sins. We are so unworthy and yet so loved at the same time. This year has been a wonderful one for me in spiritual growth, and as I put myself in Mary's shoes, I realize that it is necessary to, as the video says, "trust God more than [our] eyes can see"!

Wishing you and your family the most joyful of seasons with the remembrance of the love of Christ and the many blessings we are given!

Merry Christmas, my friends!


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