Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wedding wednesday!

Okay, even though I have been engaged a solid three months (still blowing my mind time has flown so fast!), I have yet to do an actual "Wedding Wednesday" post. Yesterday we received our first wedding gift in the mail from an out-of-town friend... 10 piece Corningware, holla! Let's home my cooking/baking skills live up!

So, as of yesterday we were 5 MONTHS away from the big day and I literally committed to 3 bridal showers.... the calendar is filling up and time is running out! Here's what I've taken care of and still have yet to do:

Set a date (June 29, 2013)
Book venue (Wyche Pavillion-- Greenville, SC)
Book photographer (Olivia Griffin)
Book videographer (Jeff Bradt... SO EXCITED for this!)
Book band/DJ (Coconut Groove Band)
Ask bridal party to be in wedding (meet them here!)
Create our wedding website (check it out here!)
Book caterer and bar (thankfully the venue handles this!)
Register (At Williams-Sonoma, Target, BB&B, and Pottery Barn)
Book florist (talking with her tomorrow!)
Buy wedding dress (Poinsett Bride... read the post!)
Book ceremony musician(s) (My grandmother is the music master and is helping!)
Take engagement pictures (waiting until better weather in March!)
Select bridesmaids dress (SO excited about my LulaKate picks... I want one too!)
Select and order groom and groomsmen attire (going to look this Saturday!)
Purchase veil (The sweet owner of Poinsett Bride gave it to me as a gift!)
Book cake baker (testing on Saturday... SO pumped.)
Buy cake knife and server (registered for a Kate Spade one!)
Order save the dates (picture or no picture... that is the question.)
Finalize guest list (the WORST part. Almost done, though!)
Send save the dates.
Book officiant (My RUF minister from school!)
Pre-marital counseling (planning on starting this month!)
Order guest book
Hotel room blocks (that's dad's job!)
MOB & MOG dress shopping (my mom is so anxious about it, haha!)
Find wedding shoes (I have a pair, but keeping my options open)
Find wedding jewelry (After this post, thinking I need a gorgeous necklace!)
Find garter (Do I really have to? This makes me uncomfortable, haha)
Book make up and hair stylist
Take bridal portraits
1st dress fitting
2nd dress fitting
Order ceremony programs
Find calligrapher
Order invitations (looking today!)
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue (First one fell through but we have found a great one!)
Buy RD dress
Order koozies/favors
Order cocktail napkins
Bridal party gifts (slowly getting there!)
Bachelorette party (My wonderful MOHs Parkes and Natalie will make it great!)
Purchase wedding bands
Get marriage license
Buy "getaway dress" (Got mine on sale and am obsessed!)
Book honeymoon (St. Lucia!!!!)
RD invitations
Groom's cake
Music selections to band and ceremony artist (harder than it sounds to decide!)
Book wedding night hotel room
Order thank you notes
Walk down the aisle!!

Well, we've definitely accomplished a lot, but we still have a bit to go it seems! Thankfully, both sets of parents have been super helpful and supportive-- we are so blessed. I forsee many appointments and thank you notes in my future, but I know I'll miss the busyness when it's over!

Here's to 5 months left!!!


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  1. NO, you don't have to do a garter! We're not doing a garter toss so therefore, I'm not wearing a garter! :)