Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 days.

Remember in elementary school when you would have those "100 Days" parties and everyone would bring in 100 something? The possibilities were endless: 100 pennies, 100 rocks, or in my case, 100 acorns that overnight turned into wormy mini oak trees (ewww). 

Wofford hosted a "100 Days" party for the senior class in celebration of our soon-to-be alumni status... celebration being questionable as an appropriate term in this context. It was catered by Red Bowl with awesome sushi, edamame, and fried rice, as well as some sort of Japanese beer and sake shots (not for me, but thanks!). We took in the slideshow of pictures dating back to freshman year and the many faces-- some familiar, others we'd forgotten are still at Wofford...

as this banner hung over our head:

excuse the poor quality... stolen from FB. 

"100 days until you're alumni"... depressing. 

And this banner we signed at Opening Convocation freshman year greeted us

photo credit to Alex

...as we held these coozies as our constant reminder until graduation weekend.

photo credit to Leigh Ann!

 But we still had big smiles on our faces celebrating our wonderful times behind and ahead as Terriers!

As alumni status looms (give or take) 100 days away, I can't help but think of all the things I'll miss and the limited time I have left on this beautiful campus. With 100 days left comes:

1 Black and Gold Ball
2 ZTA functions
4 home basketball games
12 chapter meetings
100 evenings spent with my wonderful roommates
14 collegiate weekends for fun and roadtrips
$275 Terrier Bucks to spend (not sad about that!)
...and so much more!

My time here has been a blessing and my collegiate years have grown me more than I ever thought  possible. Soon I'll be moving on, but I'll always say loud and proud, "Dear Old Wofford, hail!"

Any advice for a second semester senior?!


  1. Our 100 Days til Graduation party is this weekend too. It makes us all cringe when we hear about. It is certainly a bittersweet time!

  2. When you have the option to nap don't, spend time with friends. When you have the option to study or go out, go out (okay study a little and then go out). The short little moments that you may often take for granted - stop, breathe and cherish them. There are so many times that I would rewind back to senior year just to live with 3 other girls (instead of with my parents), to have friends steps from my door (instead of miles), to have random dinner dates and a social life (because now I have none). The last 100 are some of the best at Wofford, cherish each and every moment. I would go back and do college all over again in a second, no questions asked - because I miss it THAT much.