Saturday, February 2, 2013

it's official....

...and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Remember this post where I told you about my favorite wedding websites? 
And this post where I shared my manifesto according to the "Sweet Tea Society"?
And this Instagram post?! (follow me at ryannkroske if not!)

Well, my Southern Weddings Magazine obsessions has come to fruition as I have been added to the list of Southern Bride bloggers! I have loved following new blogs from the list and am so excited to now be included. Hopefully this will open an avenue to new blog friends and followers and lots of wedding inspiration along the way. Go hop on over to the page and check out some of the great bride bloggers that are out there! 

Today we met with Kathy from Kathy and Company (and TLC's the Ultimate Bake Off!) to talk about cake and cupcake (yes, you heard right!) options and I have never been more excited for baked goods in my life. We also got my handsome future groom to try on some suits, so we're chugging right along but I'm exhausted! Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Woohoo that is so exciting. Congrats, I wish I would have blogged while we were engaged!

  2. That is amazing!!!!! So excited for you.

  3. So happy to have found your blog through SW Mags. I'm blogging for them as well! Best of luck to you and happy planning!! Can't wait to hear more about the big day. So exciting about the Ultimate Bake Off news. YUM!

  4. Awesome!!!!! And I am so jealous!!