Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just have to brag a bit...

... on the only Ten-I-See! 
(a.k.a my super smart fiancee)

He's started his modeling career! No, just kidding. This is just him being a goob with one of his architecture models from his time studying abroad, which brings me to some exciting news I wanted to share!

Andrew has been applying to various schools to get his Master of Architecture degree after the wedding in June. He's an undergrad architecture major and, in my completely unbiased opinion, one of the most motivated, hard-working, skilled students around! He would never admit it, but I know he's in the top of his class. Anyway, moving on to 

the good news!

We were excited to receive word of his first graduate school acceptance this Friday! Though the school had not yet received all his letters of recommendation, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville contacted Andrew to notify him of his early acceptance to the program, with guarantee of a graduate assistantship (a.k.a a TA or research assistant position) at least 1 of his 4 semesters, as well as a generous scholarship called the Chancellor's Fellowship! 

He is so excited and we are going to pay Knoxville a visit Monday so he can shake some hands and check out the campus and the program. He really wants to hear from the other programs so he can sort out all his options, so it's no guarantee we will end up at UT, but it is a wonderful option! 

could this be our new home?!

I am so proud of all his hard work, and we are so blessed with the love and support of our families as we make some huge decisions and leaps of faith in the coming months. It's so crazy to think that within the month Andrew and I will know exactly where we'll make our new home together and I can finally begin the process of applying for jobs and looking for a place to live. The go-getter in me is just itching to get the ball rolling!

Just wanted to share our good news with my bloggy friends-- hopefully there will be even more to come! God is so good and I know he will take care of us on this crazy adventure.

 Ever been to Knoxville? Any restaurants or cool places we should visit while we're there?!



  1. aaaah!!! I go to UT!! If you're up for meeting a reader I'd love to grab dinner! I can also send you a pretty lengthy list of things to check out while you're in my city! I hope he enjoys his visit, I've had many friends go through the architecture program and love it. Congrats for the acceptance!

  2. congrats! That is so exciting and I know such a relief. I remember when Andrew was applying to PhD programs it was so stressful and put my anxiety in full force!