Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a colorfully formal weekend.

This weekend was a crazy one. Crazy, but fun-filled and oh so memorable.

Friday night was my last ZTA formal! It was the best by far for some reason, but I really can't figure out why it was so darn great. It could have been one or more of these factors:

Andrew wasn't abroad, like he was for formal last year
3 of my best friends were there with me. 
The band was bangin'.
Being a senior just makes things pretty great in general. 
OR maybe it was because I wasn't in charge of a bus or misbehaving people or anything of that sort and could actually HAVE FUN (gasp!) without worrying about others. 
Yeah, that was probably it. 

Anyway, we had a great time and my friends kept saying how excited it was making them for the wedding, and I couldn't agree more! A great band was a high priority on our wedding list and I really think they'll come through! Here's a few pictures from the night:

practicing for the engagement shoot in a few weeks!

love these girls!

post-formal bus selfies are a must!
Here's the kicker about this weekend... the day after formal Andrew and I got up to go do The Color Run in Columbia (a 1.5 hour drive)! I signed up for the run with my two best friends Parkes and Natalie before I knew when formal would be, and at first I was worried about getting up early early early to go run a 5K but the experience was so totally worth it! 

For any of you that have never done The Color Run, I highly recommend it! It is truly the "Happiest 5K" and I almost forgot I was in a race. They have volunteers that throw colored corn starch at you every 'K' and not only was it fun, it was sort of distracting which is what a horrible runner like me needs! I won't say I ran the whole thing, but I got pretty darn close. Andrew and I stopped to walk for less than 5 min very close to the finish line and then finished strong. I wish I had just sucked it up and run the whole time, but there's my goal for the next 5K! 

If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize, because you have most likely already seen these pictures! If not... go follow me! (username: ryannkroske)

Team "Catch Us if You Can"!
He's such a good sport- we go from dancing in long dresses and tuxes to running in sweatbands in a matter of hours!
My sporty Maids of Honor and best fraaaaands!
The color throw at the end was a sight to see!
Sadly I don't have any pictures from the night, but on Sunday night I celebrated the birthday of my sweet mama with a dinner at Mellow Mushroom. She has been so wonderful to me through all this wedding madness and she is 100% my biggest fan. I all too often take her for granted, but I am so thankful for her love and support at all times. We never really do much for birthdays, but I had the idea to get her tickets to go see Train in Charlotte in July! She was so surprised and so excited. I'm really not sure if I will be able to go because Andrew and I are still working out a living situation, but I'm crossing my fingers things will work out so she doesn't have to find a substitute concert date!

my biggest fan after Homecoming court festivities!
On an unrelated note.... we just found out Andrew got into the N.C State grad school architecture program!!!!!!!! (Was that overdoing it? nope. !!!!!) We're so excited because the school and city are high up on our list of places we want to be. We're hoping scholarship will come through, so prayers for that and overall discernment in this whole process post-wedding would be much appreciated!

 Thanks for letting me do a weekend recap and photo dump!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. Love your dress on you, Ryann! That color is stunning. Glad you got to let loose and have fun!! I have wanted to do the Color Run for forever, but missed it when it was here. It looks so awesome!

  2. Your dress was absolutely gorgeous!!! And yay for the color run, I'm doing on in April!

  3. I love everything about this post!!!!!!!!!! Especailly the NC State !!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe love you