Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charlotte's wedding recap!

Many of you know my dear friend Charlotte-- the new Mrs. Law at Laws in the Lowcountry! I was fortunate enough to be able to attend her fabulous wedding this past weekend, and I apologize for the delay in recapping my wonderful weekend! I don't want to spoil a lot of the great details because I want you to get those straight from Charlotte herself, however, I wanted to share some pictures and memories!

I decided to leave Andrew at home and instead go with my Big, Allie, as wedding dates. We went halfsies on a hotel room and had a wonderful time catching up. I hadn't seen her since her graduation last May and with busy schedules, our correspondence had been few and far between.

The wedding was at the First Presbyterian Church in Orangeburg, and it was a packed house. Allie and I got there 30 minutes before the ceremony started and squeezed in one of the last pews in the back, after us they had to move people onto the balcony. This was the first (and it will be the last!) wedding I've been to since being engaged, so I was pretty excited just to observe and see how the wedding master Charlotte did everything. It's amazing how much you'll notice music, flowers, and other things about the ceremony and reception when you're in the planning process yourself!

I don't even know where to begin- it was SO Charlotte! As I said, I don't want to ruin all the details, but I'll tell you some of my favorite things about the day. If you know Charlotte, you know she is all about some country living, a.k.a cotton! There were little details with cotton all around and it made me smile to imagine all the thought Char put into all these special touches. The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful light blue, very similar to the ones my girls will wear. They looked fabulous with updos, pearls, and classy nude pumps and held gorgeous bouquets.

Then, Charlotte's dress! SO timeless and beautiful. She looked absolutely stunning (as expected!) and her hair and make-up were flawless, of course! Check out this stunning bridal she posted on the big day.

We moved on to the reception that was at a renovated cinema not far from the church. The marquee out front was all lit up as we entered to a huge, gorgeous room with a big dance floor, two bars, and tables of yummy food with gorgeous centerpieces.

The wedding party finally arrived and Charlotte and Tyler took the dance floor to show off their moves, then came the dance with each of their parents. I about lost it when Tyler danced to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts with his mom... that's one of my favorites!

It was great to see so many Wofford people at the reception. Wofford grads took a picture with Charlotte and a Wofford flag, and Tyler took a picture with the Clemson people and a Clemson flag. I love that idea, and I may have to steal it, since Andrew's a Clemson boy, too!

The band, Ascension, was energetic and their music selection was great! They played oldies, Motown, and beach music, but as the night wore on they started playing more modern hits. Eventually Charlotte got on stage with the band and was cracking me up with her moves! She rocked out to songs with her mom, Tyler, and her bridesmaids. How cute are they!?

We wished Charlotte and Tyler off with streamers and they drove away in a gorgeous old automobile with the glow of the cinema marquee lighting up the night. It was a beautiful weekend celebrating Charlotte, Tyler, and the love they share! I am so excited to hear from her when she returns from Jamaica and to get back in touch with my #1 wedding planning advice giver!

I pray that they are blessed with many happy years to come and that the Lord uses their marriage in wonderful ways. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Law!


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