Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is risen! {Easter reflections}

Remember when I posted about the Christmas story here? Well Jesus Storybook Bible is at it again with a beautiful rendition of the Easter story. Everyone should watch this account of the wonderful day when Christ rose from the dead. I all too often overlook the magnitude of this day and take for granted the extreme sacrifice and love shown through the cross-- a love and sacrifice made for each and every one of us so that we may be made new! Easter is the heart of the Gospel, which is the very basis of our beliefs as Christ followers. Who would we be and where would we be without the blood of Christ that has paid for our freedom, our salvation? We are sinners, but we are so loved.

I don't think I've truly come to understand the beauty of the Gospel until this year, and my heart is so full this Easter afternoon as I reflect upon the many blessings and hardships I have faced and that come before me. Yes, I said hardships. I am thankful for struggle, because I know God is using them to draw me closer to Him. I must remind myself of His love each and every day. If my God is for me, who can stand against me?! Truly, God was with us and for us when he sent his son (think of the magnitude of the sacrifice!!!) to die for His people. He is still with us and for us to this day, as I sit here drinking coffee from my favorite mug, typing on my Macbook as my pup sits next to me and you sit here reading your computer screen. He knew I would be here today, and I am eternally thankful for a gift I do not deserve but have been so graciously given.

Truly, let us celebrate the day when God has made "everything sad come untrue"!

Happy Easter, my sweet friends. I pray that you, too understand how much you are loved by God amidst your struggle, your sin, your doubt, whatever it is. Today is a truly joyful day! Continue to seek and know your Lord. It will rock your world. It might be the coolest thing you'll ever do. :)


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