Friday, May 24, 2013

college educated, she graduated!

I did it! As of this weekend, I am officially a college graduate and member of the Wofford alumni family! It was such a bittersweet weekend, full of emotion. Wofford has been a dear home to me the past four years, and I will miss it so very much. I value the wonderful friends I've made; the opportunities for travel, education, and leadership; the incredible faculty and staff that have guided me; and the timeless tradition. 

The weekend was full of fun activities, band parties, family cookouts, a special baccalaureate worship service, and more. We were worried that we were going to be rained out of our traditional outside graduation on Sunday morning, but I think all our prayers and crossed fingers worked, because all we had was a slight sprinkle! It was such a special day. What an honor to process to our seats, led by the Class of 1963 who stood in our shoes 50 years ago, to listen to the bell tower toll for each graduate, to receive a Bible signed by all the professors along with my diploma, and to walk through the campus gates with my fellow classmates after singing the alma mater for the first time as alumni. 

I wanted to hold out on this post until I got more pictures, because Andrew's dad brought his incredible camera and was our photographer for the day. However, days are flying by and we're on the next thing! Here are just a few pictures of our special weekend!
my best friends... finally alumni status! 
Terrier and Tiger!

going to miss these sweet roomies.

don't let the smiles fool... we were so sad to be moving out. 

God has blessed my time at Wofford so much and I know he will continue to be faithful. I find myself have #postgradprob moments and throwing mini pity-parties as a I look back on my time, but I am truly so thankful to have loved a place so much that it is sad to leave.

 Glory to God, and honor to Wofford. I will always be a proud Terrier!



  1. Congratulations!! I graduated from App State two weekends ago and it's the most bittersweet feeling! Good luck on your next adventures :)