Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 days left on this wedding wednesday!

10 days, y'all...

...until I marry this handsome fella!

Now that we're down to the final stretch, it's finally hitting me that soon I'll be Mrs. M and all my friends and family we be together in one place to celebrate!! It still blows my mind after many months of engagement. 

I've tried really hard these past few weeks to catch up with friends I haven't seen lately over coffee and meals and most of them always ask me, "So what all is left to do? Are you stressed?!" And the answer is not much, and no, not really! There's only so much you can do once you get down to the final countdown, and so uncharacteristic of me, I'm not too worried about any of the little details. At the end of the day, it will be a beautiful ceremony, I'll have seen all the ones I love in one place, and I'll be married... what more could I want? With that being said, there are still a few small errands I need to do, so I'll share these for one of my final "Wedding Wednesday" posts:

Give the "ok" on ceremony programs to print
Tie ribbons to ceremony programs
Finish packaging favors & figure out how to display
Print inserts for frames next to favors, guestbook, etc.
Encourage our wedding hashtag: #McCallsGetMarried !
Find shoes to wear to reception... no heels for me!
Practice first dance with Andrew
Finalize weekend schedule
Finalize photo list for photographer
Pack for honeymoon!

See?! Just a bunch of little things that before you get married, you never really think of! Looks like I'll be running all around town the rest of this week and next and making some calls! 

Any advice from my now married (or even soon-to-be married!) blog friends?! 



  1. Oh my goodness! I am SO excited for y'all! Can't believe it's so soon!

  2. Congrats!!
    Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

    I also have a blog design site. If you ever need a custom blog design, check it out. :)


  3. I cannot WAIT to see the recap of your wedding! Thinking about you and this last week as a single woman, so excited for you!