Thursday, July 18, 2013

(unintentional) blogging hiatus

Hello, my blog friends!

Thankfully we are here and getting settled in our precious new house in Raleigh-- we just love it so far!

Unfortunately, U-Verse has decided to torture me and make us wait two weeks for our internet service, so that means no blogging for me except for the rare occasion I am able to head to the old faithful Starbucks for free (read: price of an iced coffee) internet to send some job apps and do other grown-up things I must now do since I am a wife. (!!!!)

So, sadly it will be a little while before I check in but I will post a honeymoon recap ASAP! Meanwhile, follow me on twitter and Insta (@ryann_km) for updates! Thank goodness for smart phones. 

Many apologies for the boring picture and content-less post. I'll make it up to you very soon. Meanwhile, feel free to soak up the cuteness of my husband as we enjoyed our first meal in our new home... leftovers! Yes, I am definitely my mother's daughter. 

Have a great week, y'all!


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